LifeWave Patching Protocol for Hangovers and Overindulgence

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, not the least of which include “excesses”, including alcohol excess.  In today’s show, Dr. Dennis shares LifeWave patch protocols for quicker recovery from these excesses.  It is common for people to be overindulgent with alcohol especially New Years’ Eve.  Today's radio show shares LifeWave Patching Protocols for hangovers and overindulgence.

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We drink ethanol that has been fermented.  There are substances include congeners include acetaldehyde, acetones, aldehydes, esters, tannins.  When toxicologists are examining tissues or blood alcohol alcohols, they can tell what kind of alcohol someone drank depending on the proportions of these congeners.  They cause the blood vessels to dilate.  That causes pressure on the tissues and nerve endings on the covering of the brain called meninges.

When the ethanol gets metabolized, alcohol gets exposed to ADH into aldehyde which then increases acetic acid which causes hyperexcitability and sensitivity.  It causes flushing, dehydration, too much acidity, immune system changes and increased inflammation.  Inflammation is the cause of many types of chronic problems and blockages.  Cytokines, blood sugar levels, prostaglandins also contribute to hangover symptoms.  The spleen doesn’t like excess sweet from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.  Tt doesn’t like too much fat either.  Ice cream is one of the worst causes of spleen Qi problems – and causes excess “damp”.

Hints you may have spleen qi deficiency – check your tongue.  If there are teeth marks on the side (swollen tongue), that is a symptom of damp.

Headaches, drowsiness, dry mouth, dizzy, fatigue, brain fog, GI distress, depression/anxiety, and even nausea/vomiting could be symptoms of a hangover.  From the TCM perspective, there is usually liver Qi stagnation, Yang rising (causes headaches, high blood pressure), damp heat toxicity (you might have coating and painful red spots on tongue).  The liver regulates the direction of the flow of blood around the body, so if it is stagnant, we can get blood stasis.  Prescriptions like statins and over the counter drugs like NSAIDs or acetominophin cause liver stress and can cause more liver qi stagnation.  This, long term, will cause MORE pain.

Liver Qi stagnation causes injury to Spleen Qi (and thus spleen can’t get rid of excess damp) from the Chinese 5 Element Perspective.  Accumulation of fluid and inflammation can result.  Also “reckless” blood conditions cause fluid to jump out of the blood vessels and can contribute to heart attacks and stroke.  Liver Qi is thus very important to address!

Addictions can be involved, because the endorphins respond to the alcohol.  Chronic alcoholics just like those chronically addicted to exercise have lower resting endorphin levels.  Heroin addicts have the same problem.  When the body is stressed through addictions, the endorphin levels become more normal.

Part of the hangover might be a withdrawal from the “hit’ and the other part may be the presence of congeners (alcohol breakdown products).  We’re dealing with effects of the withdrawal and the toxicity with these LifeWave protocols below.

There are three fluids: inside the cell, outside the cells, and then lymph.  Proper management of fluid gets rid of the toxins. The patches in general increases the intracellular hydration, whereas alcohol causes dehydration of the cells.  This happens in the brain as well.  So hangover symptoms can be caused by dehydration of the brain cell.

Protocol 1: Yin/Yang Pairing

  • Use IceWave or Energy EnhancerLiver 3 dissipates stagnant Liver Qi. Use IceWave tan on left liver 3 and right gallbladder 41 (belt meridian) which will manage proper blood flow and efficiently releasing toxins.

Protocol 2: Modified Four Gates protocol:

  • White IceWave or Energy enhancer or Positive patch (Aeon or glutathione) on right Large Intestine 4
  • Tan or SP6C patch on left Liver 3
  • Optional: add Y-Age glutathione patch on Gallbladder 8 or 41 above the right ear

Protocol 3: Regular Four Gates protocol (really great for travel or jet lag):

  • Using Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches (use with pain):
    • Both Tan patches on both liver 3 and the white patches on both large intestine 4 (using the Sky-Earth paradigm instead of a right- left paradigm of patching)

Remember to hydrate WELL when using patches for optimal results.

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