LifeWave Distributor Connie Steves

My name is Connie Steves. I am also known as KeKehk Iskwew meaning Hawk Woman. The name was given to me by a Shaman that I have been associated with the last few years, as we worked to find what was ailing my husband. I attract injured wildlife including Red Tailed Hawks who need help healing.
I’m 61 years old and a owner of a Wellness Center for Natural Therapies. I work as a Wellness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Intuitive. I work with Humans and Animals alike. Throughout the many years of training, practice and witnessing concrete miracles, healing has become my passion and career.  I am so excited that LifeWave has given me a chance to introduce products for people who are into holistic health, and prefer not to take pharmaceutical or chemicals, like me.
A little about myself when I was 25; I was diagnosed with a crippling disease. In the beginning I tried medications for my issues, but they just gave me side effects I did not like. In 1999 I was walking with two canes. In 2000 I was again diagnosed with a disease that had 18 very painful spots that always seem to change from one area to another. My life was not what I wanted it to be. I was nervous to try natural healing because of my religious upbringing.
In 1999 I started my new life by looking at natural therapies. I was introduced to natural healing through a Chinese Doctor in 2000. The Millennium was the beginning of my new life as a Holistic Therapist. Through many synchronicities, the LifeWave opportunity has shown up in my awareness and one day, I finally turned to my business associate Angela Lanctot and said “The Universe is telling us to look at this!”
I was skeptical, but also intrigued that this drug-free product could work but I listened to my intuition and tried them out.
At first, I used them on my husband who had been sick for three years even after we tried everything. The doctors couldn’t understand why he was losing weight and he was essentially home-bound and in constant pain. After using the LifeWave patches, he began gaining back his weight, and having more zip for life. He is now socializing outside of the home which is HUGE. I’m thrilled to get my husband back!
As for me, I had been on a waiting list for surgery on my wrist area, the longest tendon in your wrist from the thumb up your arm. Up till the use of the Lifewave patches I was in extreme pain. After using the patches for six weeks, I was pain free and no longer needed surgery!
Thanks to these patches, the chronic pain in my hips, feet, back and so on are gone. With all the excitement from me and my husband and what I see from the clients and others online using these amazing patches, I can not stop sharing it.
What impressed me so much was the results of clinical studies done on the LifeWave patches. I joined as a distributor of LifeWave so that I could share it with others like myself who could use some relief in their lives.
I’ve become the leader of a growing international group of customers and LifeWave distributors. Our mission is for us to help other like-minded individuals to experience joy, freedom, and peace without pain!
If you’d like to purchase LifeWave patches retail or are interested in joining our team please contact me (see below).  
Connié Steves 
Holistic Therapist for Human and Animals
Toll Free 1.833.60 ( ) 
Distributor number 1029187

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