Distributor Spotlight: Wendy Weber | Tampa, Florida 

Hi! I’m Wendy, RN!  My journey as an RN and Nursing Supervisor has guided me to seek health and wellness options that enable my clients, my loved ones, and myself to experience positive results. I have discovered that LifeWave patches offer solutions free of complications, negative side effects, and invasive procedures.  LifeWave patches empower our users with autonomy over their own well-being and healing from pain and discomfort. It is my pleasure to provide these amazing patches along with the knowledge and education to enable users to experience well-being.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. Growing up on a ranch, raising chickens, cattle and horses, instilled a deep appreciation for animals within me.  My husband and I live in northern Tampa, FL, with our two rescue dogs, Maggie “the Beagle” and Colby “the Big Cheese” hound mix.  I love spending time in my yard, nurturing my gardens, and feeding the birds.  We are passionate about traveling and exploring the many wonders within our beautiful US and abroad.  From kayaking to ice climbing, we enjoy it all! 

I look forward to our Colorado ski trip with LifeWave patches!

Contact Wendy:

Phone: (813) 625-0573

Email: wjweber99@gmail.com