Distributor Spotlight: Robert & Judy Savage | Ashland, Illinois

Robert & Judy Savage
Robert and Judy are from Illinois, where he is a farmer and she has always been into natural healing. After learning about LifeWave at a local event, the couple decided to give the patches a try in hopes of helping Judy's leg injury and thin skin. In May of 2015, Judy had a farm accident. Fortunately the orthopedic surgeon was able to save her leg. After multiple surges she had a non union of her femur. In July 2020, Judy started using X39 and the Carnosine patches and by October of 2020 she was showing bone growth.


After seeing how much the patches helped Judy's bone growth and reduced her skin tearing, the couple decided to share their story with others facing health issues. Their main goal is to show others how they can improve their health, feel better, and make extra income while doing so. Their ideal customer or team member would be open-minded and seeking a healthier lifestyle.


Robert & Judy Savage



Phone: (217) 415-4395