Distributor Spotlight: Pamella Peltz | Clovis, New Mexico

Pamella Peltz

I had a stroke on March 1, 2023. I had brain fog, visual field distortion, balance issues, and dizziness from brain fog. I had some improvement, but not much. About 5 weeks ago, I heard about the patches and bought x39 and Aeon in September. I had immediate relief from back pain, and my vision issues improved. Brain fog and dizziness, as well as balance issues, GONE. I still have about 20% of the vision issue in my left eye, but it is improving! I sleep better, and my mood and motivation to perform daily tasks have increased. I’m 71 and no longer expecting to live a life of pain!

I’m looking forward to being pain free, sharing these fantastic patches with everyone and if I can make money that would be great!


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