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As an RN who has worked in every area from EMS to critical care, home health and Hospice I have become quite discouraged with the effectiveness of the Western medical system.  Over the years I have seen amazing success with healing and disease prevention by using a more simple holistic approach to health.  Because of this and my passion for teaching and I have become an RN Educator and Coach and now teach people about their bodies, how everything works together to create health, and tools they can use to take back control of their own health. People today are sick and tired of their chronic disease and spending so much time and money on ineffective health care.  As they begin to learn ways to take back their health and their lives it is exciting to see them healing and becoming happier and more productive.


In my quest to collect tools that I can teach others to use in their healing I came to know Dr Karen Kan.  She introduced me to the Lifewave products.  Knowing personally, through my own healing journey, just how effective acupuncture can be it was obvious to me that being able to offer these to clients in my business just made good sense. One of the things that sold me on this business is that these products are so well researched.  I have always been careful in my nursing practice to be sure what I do is evidence based.  It gives me great confidence to know that when I talk to someone about Lifewave products that I have solid research to stand on.


Personally I now use the patches every day.  My favorite is the Aeon patch as it helps me stay calm and centered.  A concrete example of how they work is that I work with the Global Coherence Initiative which uses the concepts of heart-brain coherence from Heart Math.  I have tested with bio feedback the effects of the Aeon patch and find my heart-brain coherence is much greater with the patches.  I would imagine it probably assists my meditations also.

 Nancy Wells

Distributor #:  811363


48 Trammell Ave.

Canton, NC  28716

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