Distributor Spotlight: Michael Villines | Baton Rouge, LA

Michael Villines

A simple phrase quickly redirected Michael's life in May 2018…his physician walked into the room and said, “You have Multiple Sclerosis.” Those four words inspired him to re-evaluate his wellness routines and get his health on track. Since that day in 2018, it has become Michael's mission to do everything possible to improve his diagnosis. During 2021, Michael began working with those seeking a healthier lifestyle, teaching them the 3 core pillars of diet, lifestyle, and vibrant health. This was the start of his lifelong passion for helping others improve their health, aiming to improve 3 billion people's lives, giving them confidence for everyday life.

Before Michael found LifeWave and started using Phototherapy Patches, he suffered daily through unwanted pain, struggled with the effects of brain fog, inconsistent sleeping patterns were his new normal, and energy levels were at their lowest. His skin appeared as if he'd been drinking heavily.  Once Michael implemented Phototherapy Patches into his daily life routine, his quality of sleep improved, the debilitating effects of brain fog lifted and became nonexistent, his pain level was significantly reduced, his skin tone and texture evened out, his energy levels improved, speech has become more precise and voice fuller, his aversion to heat is improving daily, and he's even seen a difference in the improvement of his walk. After seeing the positive impact LifeWave has made in his own life, he couldn't help but want to share his journey with others who weren't feeling their best. If you wish to change your lifestyle to improve your health and wellness, contact Michael today!

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