Distributor Spotlight: Lydia Wainwright | Annapolis, Maryland

wainwright_lydia 140Lydia Wainwright is a Five Element educated acupuncturist in Annapolis, Maryland.  Her practice is very unusual as it includes people AND horses, dogs, and cats too.  Lydia specializes in pain for people.

“Even when acupuncture really worked well AND my patients took over their personal health by making the lifestyle changes they needed, something was missing.  My patients needed something they could use on their own to help them heal themselves.  Finally, after nearly ten years of searching, I have found that missing link – in the Lifewave patches!”

Lydia's philosophy is that the best “medicine” comes from people taking over their personal health.  This doesn't mean that people stop seeing health care professionals.  Instead it means becoming educated and empowered so they can ask the right questions, understand what treatments they are doing and using other tools like Lifewave patches, yoga, meditation, and many others to “self treat” as well.


What about personal use?

“I use the patches daily!  I have my own health issues and patching has helped me to live a fuller, happier life.  I use the Aeon to bring down inflammation and stress nearly every day.  The Glutothione helps me to sleep better, bring me more energy during the day, and my skin has never been so soft.  Icewave pain patches help with aches and pains.  And of course I use the Acu Life on my horse, dog, and cat.  Ask me how the patches have helped them any time!”

Lydia has been an acupuncturist for ten years now.  She also teaches acupuncture students twice weekly.  And of course she is always teaching her friends and patients about how to better their lives and their health – including Lifewave patches as the newest part of her system.



Distributor #: 813239




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