Distributor Spotlight: Jim & Jodi McKinney | Crystal Lake, Illinois

Jim & Jodi McKinney

Hello Everyone. We are Jim and Jodi McKinney. We have been married for 30 years, and have 3 Amazing adult children, and a precious 4 year old grandson.

We moved from Ohio to the Illinois area about 19 years ago. After being in sales and corporate positions for many years, we decided to open up a health and wellness facility called Windy City Cryo. Our health and wellness center has been open since 2016, and offers 9 different holistic therapy options.

Jim has struggled with arthritis, and chronic pain since his late 20’s. Jim has come to love the benefits of the holistic therapies, and is now off all his medications!

In September of 2022, Jim discovered LifeWave from his 93 year old grandmother. We decided to give it a try. Jodi also suffers chronic pain from arthritis of the cervical spine. After trying the X39 and Ice Wave, she has no more pain in her hips. Jodi is very hopeful with these results, and can’t wait to feel the impact of these results in the near future. One of the biggest benefits Jim has noticed is that he feels less foggy in the brain, and has much more focus, and clarity. Jim feels like he is able to get more done in a day then he could ever do!

After seeing how much the patches have helped us both, we decided to share our story. We are hopeful that we can help others improve their health, and feel better. Our main goal is to help others seek a healthier lifestyle, and do it NATURALLY!


Jim & Jodi McKinney


Phone: (815) 353-9789


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