Distributor Spotlight: Holly Steward | Palm Bay, FL

LifeWave | Patch Training Team | Holly Steward

I am a Certified Practitioner in Emotion Code and the TOLPAKANHealing Method. My own health journey has included digestive system, fatigue, and, neurological healing. After several of my natural health practitioners recommended LifeWave patches to me, I decided to give them a try. 

Before I started using Lifewave Patches, I was struggling with daily intestinal bloating and severe menstrual pain every month. The LifeWave Aeon and Icewave patches are the first thing that ever helped the bloating I had experienced for decades! The Aeon and Icewave also provided significant relief to the menstrual pain. Then when the LifeWave Aromatherapy products came out, I used them for only a few days, and had my first month without pain in over 20 years! At the time when I started using patches, I was experiencing such severe fatigue that I was considering going on disability because I was not strong enough to keep working. However, the Energy Enhancer patches helped me so much, that I was able to continue working full time!!

I love how LifeWave patches can support the body to heal in multiple ways, and that we can make that even more effective when we guide each individual on how the patches can most help them achieve their health goals! I find myself sharing eagerly about LifeWave patches, sharing how much they have helped me and my family! I am so glad that I can spread the transformation by easily helping them get patches themselves as well!

As a LifeWave Distributor, my goal is to catalyze myself and others into manifesting our dreams! I love how LifeWave supports us in raising our vibration so that we resonate with optimal health, relationships, and purpose! My ideal team members are people who love patches and love sharing their own experience with others.


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