Distributor Spotlight: Felicia Dyess, Acupuncturist | Jacksonville, Florida

Felicia Dyess M. Ac., A.P.

Hi my name is Felicia Dyess, M.Ac., A.P.  I am a licensed Acupuncture Physician in Jacksonville, FL.  I have been practicing Five Element Acupuncture since 2007. I started receiving acupuncture in September 2000 to help with chronic fatigue and urinary frequency and I started thinking about going to acupuncture school after my very first treatment. Acupuncture immediately “lightened my load”, improved my mood and gave me more energy.

In my pre-acupuncture life, I did mostly office/administrative work which I was very good at but it was not deeply satisfying and I yearned for something bigger which I have found with acupuncture. I graduated from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture (in Florida) with a Masters of Acupuncture and Certificate of Chinese Herbal Studies. During school, I became certified as a Level II Reiki Practitioner and became I became a Buddhist. I also helped my school move from Hallandale, FL to Gainesville, FL in 2007 and I worked for the school as an Herbal Clinic supervisor overseeing interns from late 2011 – late 2012.

My goal as an acupuncturist iis to pass on the healing I received. I want to “spread the health” through acupuncture and health education. I love being an Acupuncture Physician and helping people. My passion is nutrition and digestive health which I feel is key to good health. I myself eat mostly a Paleolithic/Ancestral diet and encourage my patients to reduce and eliminate processed foods, sugars and grains. I have more information about my practice on my website http://www.art-of-healing.net/.

In 2012, one of my patients mentioned the “acupuncture patches” and forwarded some info from Dr. Karen’s website. She was recently unemployed and unable to buy the patches on her own so she was hoping I would try them. I reviewed the information and loved the resources and info that Dr. Karen had available as it totally mirrored the information that I used and offered to my patients. I regret the time it took for me to finally order the patches but now I am finally here.

Since starting the patches, I would say that I have become “patch crazy” trying most of the different patches on myself, my husband and some patients and friends. For myself, I instantly feel something with most of the patches. The Aeon is stimulating for me so I use it in the day and the Silent Nights seems too stimulating but the Carnosine made me yawn uncontrollably in minutes the first 2 times I tried it. I feel very rested and rejuvenated from the Carnosine patch.  I love the Energy Enhancers and the IceWave patch took away most of my left shoulder pain and restricted range of motion within an hour with sustained relief for 3 days from 1 application. I had really great results with three of my patients. 1) The Silent Nights really worked for one of my female patients who has 2 small kids who sleep with her and one kicks in the bed. 2) I had a skeptical male patient (with metal screws in his neck who gets neck/shoulder pain) get total relief in his right shoulder within seconds after doing the Clock protocol with the IceWave. 3) I had a lady named Josephine with extreme hip pain and extremely limited range of motion feel relief in her hips (from a 7 down to a 2 level of pain) within a minute.

I am so excited about the LifeWave business opportunity because this will allow me to build income including passive income doing something that I love – helping people to improve their health NATURALLY. I was not on board to grow this business right away but the patches work so quickly and so well, it does not make sense to wait. These patches will allow me to reach more people and get better treatment results overall.


All the best to everyone,


Felicia Dyess, A.P.

Licensed Acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL


(904) 240-5927

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