Distributor Spotlight: Dan Sullivan | Saranac Lake, NY

Dan Sully Spring 2008Dan Sullivan is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Zero Balancing and operate a seasonal pontoon boat massage cruise business in Saranac Lake.  Over 5 years ago I started seeing Dr. Karen Kan for acupuncture to heal an injury. She recommended using the patches.  At first, I was not sure if they worked.  Then, I became a believer when they relieved pain from a fractured tooth!  So I began using the patches with my massage therapy clients.  It is a great tool to use in conjunction with bodywork or by itself.  They are convenient and easy to use.   To learn more about Dan and Adirondack Massage Therapy visit adkmassagecruise.com

2 thoughts on “Distributor Spotlight: Dan Sullivan | Saranac Lake, NY

  1. James S Hockenberry


    My name is Steve Hockenberry. I have used Lifewave products for about 4 years. I placed my orders thru Dan Davison,engery1st. I have been trying to contact him to place an order, but his email does not respond and his phone number is no longer in service. You appear to be the closest distributor to me. I live in in Westfield MA. I would like to buy 3 packets of X39. Can you help me out or recommend who I should contact.

    Thank You, Steve Hockenberry

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