Distributor Spotlight: Christine B. | South Carolina, USA

LifeWave | Patch Training Team | Headshot - Christine

I began my personal journey into “energy healing” long before I realized I was going to be doing this work! God is good that way! In the process I studied and collected knowledge and techniques and modalities including: MA Clinical Counseling, Functional Nutrition Therapist Certification, Tolpakan Level 1 Training, One-Minute Alchemy Certification, One-Second Alchemy Certification, Light Healing Frequencies Certification, Activator Healer-Coach Dimensional Therapy Level 1 Certification, just to list a few!

In my work as a creative wellness coach and healer at Embracing Expressions, I am a facilitator of dimensional healing, creative expression, and intuitive expansion.

My mission is to empower others to be the best version of themselves so they can step powerfully into who they are here to BE and what they are here to DO. I creatively and intuitively integrate a variety of modalities to facilitate this experience. Through the process, clients will become more stable and aligned with the truest version of themselves. The more stable and aligned, the healthier and happier they become. The healthier and happier, the more full and expansive their expression of “self” becomes!

After using the patches for a few months personally and getting my husband and other friends and family to try them (and have success) I felt comfortable moving forward with incorporating them into my wellness business to promote better outcomes for my clients and to supplement my business income.

LifeWave facilities quick and effective shifts for me and my clients! I love how the patches support the work I do within and in between sessions! It does not get much easier than a “sticker” that can shift an experience in seconds!

I am looking to build a team and support those who are on a similar mission to see this world a better and more beautiful place starting with themselves, their circle and those they serve. My overarching goal is to empower others to be the best version of themselves! My aligned customers and team members value a supportive and interactive team (to the extent that they feel they would like to interact). Many have their own personal healing journey or know others they would like to support on theirs. Together we increase the light and bright in our own lives and of the planet!


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