LifeWave Ask the Doctors: How to stay calm in the face of chaos

Stay Calm in the Face of Chaoe with LifeWave patches

In this month's Ask the LifeWave Doctors radio show on Light Warrior Radio, Dr. Dennis shares his perspectives on what chaos in in Chinese Medicine. Negative stress is a form of chaos. Perceived chaos can cause energetic incoherence which can lead to dis-ease. If we are calm, we are more coherent energetically.

Incoherence causes Qi to be disorganized. When coherent, the life force of Qi is balanced and organized. If we are incoherent physically, we get blockages that can cause pain. We can experience accidents and health problems and feel bad in general. Emotionally we have sadness, depression, guilt and shame. Mentally, it is related to confusion, paranoia, pessimistic thoughts. Spiritually, it shows up as separateness, ego that is separate from Source. No mission. Little focus. Mistrust of intuition.

When coherent, we felt good. There is no pain or blockage. We have material harmony, good health and fitness. Emotionally we have joy, happiness, peace, safety, confidence and innocence. Mentally, we have high self-esteem, confidence, optimistic thoughts. Spiritually, we have faith, focus, and are one with Source and spirit. We know our Soul's mission and we trust our intuition.

Our perceived stress and chaos contribute to incoherence.

The LifeWave patches can help create more coherence on multiple layers. The patches can maintain an energy grid and pattern especially when one is placing one's intent in the process of patching an acupuncture point(s). ~ Dr. Dennis Lobstein

Each acupuncture point has a toroidal field around it. “Spirit that lives in the cave”. There are frequency sets of light from the patches. Meridians contain liquid crystal water that moves information like cables of optical fibesr.

We synergistically combine the frequency of the patch with the frequency of the spirit in the point coursing through the meridians, plus the frequency of our intention. That information is picked up by the cell membranes through the tubules into our own DNA. (Epigenetics) ~ Dr. Dennis Lobstein

We emit light from our DNA. We are beings of light.

Emotional stability was a construct developed by Eysenck. The Eysenck personality test detects the difference between emotional stability and neuroticism as well as introversion versus extraversion. Dr. Dennis' past published research showed that aerobic exercise helps emotional stability (when using this test). The scales on the personality test are different from the MMPI test. In a second order factor structure, if you structure variables clustered together and you optimize how the covariance is tested, you can measure emotional stability using the Eysenck personality test.

Emotional stability = clear, coherent, calm.

Calming Shen; the spirit that dwells in the heart. The heart is the emperor and it officiates over all the other organs (energy systems). The Shen is housed in the heart. You can see that in people's eyes when their Shen is healthy. They are clear in their thoughts and action. Zombies don't have a soul and don't have Shen, for example.

When we tonify the heart, we can bring Shen and bring back calm.

What is Chaos?

Chaos theory from James Gleick's book – Chaos Making a New Science in the 80's. Most people think of chaos as being random. Chaos has a center attractor. What appears to be a random pattern, can have an anchor! If we look for the anchor we can deal with the chaos. Yin and the Jing is the attractor and Yang is the anchor.

If we are coherent our biofield is balanced. When we are not, there is too much yang energy that isn't focused and anchored. When we are coherent, that yang energy is anchored in the yin and Jing and we are more healthy. Tonify Yin and Jing to treat chaos because it anchors the yang. Men may have it worse being out of work because of the traditional role as provider (so may have more symptoms from this point of view).

Both Yin and Yang come from the Tao/Source. Jing is the essence from which Yin and Yang derive. When Tao is disharmonious, then evil Qi (disharmonious Qi) can reign, meaning that the energy is incoherent or disorganized. The yang can then scatter. For example, someone who is manic doesn't have their yang anchored because their yin is severely deficient. The yang can fly all over the place and go to the head and makes thoughts over-active.

After months of lock down, people can get stir crazy. Under emotional distress, they can become unstable. They are more easily triggered and can exhibit derangement symptoms. Demon fire in Asian Medicine is physiology of distress. It burns up Yin and Jing. What happens to the yang? It flies all over the place and it becomes incoherent.

If you look at the 5 Elements chart in Asian Medicine. Water is the grandmother for fire. The grandmother regulates or controls the grandchild. If we have demon fire, then the water will evaporate. Excess heat evaporates the water. Then we get a fire-water disharmony a.k.a Shen Disturbance.

Masaru Emoto's work is interesting and visually shows the difference between incoherent water and coherent (structured) water. The earth element can control the water. Thought is under the control of the earth element. If you over-worry, you can deplete the earth's spleen Qi (energy). Your thinking can affect your earth energy. With coherent thinking, we can control the loss of the water, Yin and Jing. If we have an intention (thinking) to stay balanced and focused, it can help. One way is with meditation. Earth can thus hold water and not evaporate in the fire and it can regulate fire.

Current things stressing people: lock-downs, mandatory vaccines, 5G energies, mandatory masks etc. This worry can create demon fire in terms of Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture Points for Calm

For acupuncture point locations, please visit

  • Yin Tong GV24.5 or the third eye point
  • Governing Vessel 24 on the forehead, one cun (Chinese inch = width of your thumb) posterior to the hairline. This is the center of the Three Sisters:
    • 3 cuns on either side of GV24 is Gallbladder 13 (GB13)
  • Governing Vessel 20 on the top of the head for lifting the spirits (depressed mood).
  • Kidney 6 is the master point of the Yin Chao Mai, the channel for rest and calm. We are evoking rest and calm by patching KI6.
  • Bladder 62 is the master point of the Yang Chao Mai which is for arousal and chaos. You can invert it's function by putting a negatively charged patch to sedate it!
  • Stomach 36 stabilizes grounding at the Source of our Being. It revitalizes energy and increases vitality and stamina. (Earth element balancing so it can manage the water)
  • Spleen 6 is well known for calming the Shen and tonifying blood and reverses fear and perception of feeling down. Three leg Yin channels crosses at this point (spleen, kidney and liver channels). We are regulating earth, water, and blood flow of the body. You can use this in combo with GV20 in relieving the sense of feeling down.
  • Pericardium 6 (TAN on left) and Triple Burner 5 (WHITE on right) combo would calm down fire with Energy Enhancer patches or another Yin/Yang pair of patches (see below).
  • Gallbladder 39 (side of the leg above the outside ankle) tonifies Kidney Jing. It is the influential point for marrow. Marrow isn't just bone marrow. In Asian Medicine, it includes everything the kidney affects including endocrine, immune system and nervous systems. This is great for demon fire.
  • Kidney 9 reprogramming our constitutional Yin in the whole body. It is 5 cun proximal to the medial malleolus.
  • Conception Vessel 12 brings order out of chaos and it influences the yang organs. It can help organize the Yang Qi. It is the front Mu point for the stomach channel. It reverses dizziness and nausea and vertigo. Rebellious stomach Qi causes those symptoms. Unblocks water as well! It is a good point with Spleen 9 to unblocking water.
  • Kidney 7 tonifies Kidney Yin and Jing. Because it tonifies both, it is also helping the Yang. It is the metal point in the water channel so very spiritual point. It increases the integrity of primorial Qi and returns it to its original nature.
  • Bladder 60 connects to Jing and the power of the fire in the water element. It helps the water move around. It unblocks the water so it can be moved. That can affect hormones, secretions, blood and synovial fluid.

Patching Protocols for Calm

NIrvana can help balance dopamine. Staring at a computer screen gives you dopamine hits because of the flickering. It isn't ideal to be looking at a screen all day.

Alavida rebalances the endocrine hormones secreted by the pineal/pituitary. Great place to put it is the third eye. You can also put it on the ShiMian – center of the right heel. That energy goes right up to the brain.

3 Sisters Protocol

  • Alavida on 3rd eye or GV24.
  • Energy Enhancer on GB 13 (white on right, tan on left) for the Three Sisters Protocol

Dousing the Demon Fire Protocol

  • for Hyperactivity, Raging Panic and Fear
  • Kidney 6 Positive Patch (white patch) on the left. and
  • Bladder 62 Negative patch (tan patch or SP6C patch) on the right using IceWave or EE with Switched Polarity for someone who is hyperaroused or demon fire. You can also use Aeon (left Ki6) and Sp6 (right BL62)

Easy-Peasy Calm Shen Protocol

  • pericardium 6 left Tan icewave or Energy Enhancers
  • and triple burner 5 right White Icewave or Energy Enhancer

Reprogramming Yin and Deliver Me from Chaos Protocol

  • Using IceWave or Energy Enhancer you can use Gallbladder 39 (positive white right) with Kidney 9 (left, negative patch).
  • Add CV12 to make a nice triangle (Y-Age) of energy. (Deliver Me from Chaos)

Return to Original Nature Protocol

  • Y-Age on CV12 (Deliver me from Chaos protocol)
  • Energy Enhancer or IceWave or Aeon(right)/SP6 (left) with this combo: Left kidney 7 and Right Bladder 60

Calm & Grounded Protocol

  • Using Stomach 36 and Spleen 6. Aeon on right Stomach 36 and SP6 on the left Spleen 6.
  • To complete the triangle, you can either use Y-Age patch on 3rd eye or CV 12 to stabilize Shen.

5 Element Rotation

Using Yin/Yang pairs, we balance energy in the whole system. Start with Earth and rotating around to metal, water, wood, fire then back to earth 5 days a week. The negatively charged patch would be on the yin acupuncture point on the left. The positively charged patch would be on the yang acupuncture point on the right side of the body. It's a general health tune-up.

  • EARTH: Spleen 6 left, Stomach 36 right
  • METAL: Lung 7 left, Large intestine 4 or 11 right
  • WATER: Kidney 7 left, Bladder 60 right
  • WOOD: Liver 3 left, Gallbladder 39
  • FIRE: Pericardium 6 left, Triple burner 5

**Anywhere we use Y-Age patches (Aeon, glutathione, carnosine) we can swap out for Alavida or Nirvana.

We need to eliminate the spider web of fear. ~Dr. Simone Gold


Marilyn is thinking about nieces and nephews and relatives. Fearfulness and mood symptoms where they feel scared and down. What is a hidden point we can use with the patches to help these symptoms? What patches should they use?

Dr. Dennis: Use Energy enhancer on Pericardium 6 calms Shen and opens up the draw bridge to the heart's energy. You can also use the Tan energy enhancer on the left pericardium 6 and the White patch on triple burner 5 on the right. You can also add a Y-Age patch on the underside of a hat or headband on Governing Vessel 20 (with Aeon).

Angela: is there a way to strength the alar ligaments in the cervical spine. Is there patching from cervical instability and wobbly head. Can X39 help?

Dr. Dennis: base of the cervical spine GV14 on Cervical 7. Head feels wobbly and light-headedness. Been using it for about 3 months on that spot. You can also put carnosine and glutathione on CV12 to pull the yang qi out of the head. You can add patches on kidney 1 may pull the energy down – for example IceWave or Energy Enhancers. Or you can use two negatively charged patches; i.e. Tans or two Sp6 patches on Kidney 1 on both feet as long as she has a positively charged patch above such as x39 on GV14 and/or Y-Age patch on CV 12.

Dr. Karen: Angela can also use Energy Enhancer patches on GB34 for sinews in addition to trying the X39 over C1 near GV16 on the back of the head.

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