LifeWave Ask the Doctors: Healthy Teeth and Gums

In this radio show with Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein (TCM expert), we're covering the physiology of healthy teeth, then Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory related to:

  1. dental cavities
  2. gum disease
  3. inflammation
  4. teeth clenching
  5. regrowing teeth/enamel

Dr. Dennis Lobstein met Dr. Bill Wolf, a holistic dentist, in Albuquerque. He was well aware of the health risks of mercury in amalgam. About 25 years ago, dentists didn't have any classes in nutrition, toxicology or metallurgy. Dr. Dennis became an expert in teeth and heavy metals in amalgam. More than 50% of the amalgam is mercury and it leaches out of the filling very easily with hot liquids, for example. It transforms into methylmercury in the body and it affects the brain. Mercury is the most toxic substance to the brain.

Dr. Dennis recommends seeking out a dentist who is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) because of their safety protocols in biological dentistry.

The more combination of metals you have in your mouth, the more you increase electrogalvanism. This can overpower the body's own electrccal circuits! It can frequently the cause of memory loss, psychological problems, vertigo, epilepsy, insomnia and more. With metals in your mouth, the measurable electrical current goes up to 900mV whereas normally it is about 400-450mV.

The brain operates in 6-9 nano amps of current. With fillings made of metal (this creates a metal battery in the mouth) the brain gets bombarded by 100 or more microamps. That's 10,000x more current!

Dr. Wolf: “Dentistry is always a piece of the health puzzle, sometimes a vital missing piece”.

Dr. Wolf is versed in the law of the terrain (environment of the body) whereas most doctors and dentists are trained in “germ theory” only.

 tooth chart with organ pictures

Teeth as Electrical Diodes

We have energy flowing through the teeth. The teeth are switches; like semi-conductors. By drilling holes or having cavities/caries, there is a disruption in the micro-crystalline structure of the teeth, interrupting the Qi flow of the body and potentially creating disharmony. Dr. Jerry Tennant's Healing is Voltage book is a great resource. He says each circuit is electricity (meridians). Water is polarized in our bodies and we are 80% water. By looking at the tooth chart, you can see what organs are affected by which tooth.

We have resonant Tesla coils set up in our bodies. Draw a coil on the paper with a wires sticking out. Draw a larger coil next to it, but not touching. There are wires coming off the bigger coil. The latter has perpendicular line through it and this all represents a capacitor. Capacitors store electrons. The bottom line is that when you have a lot of electrons, you are healthy. Toxins such as free radicals diminish electron levels causing ill health and premature aging.

Increasing antioxidant activities help to increase healthy electrons using such strategies as phototherapy patches, aerobic exercise, grounding, bioflavanoids in food, structured ionized water and gigong. Y-Age Aeon patches increase superoxide dismutase activity which then decreases free radicals (like rust in the body) and increases electrons.

Qigong exercise also increases electrons in the body. Dr. Tennant talks about ON and OFF switches for electron accumulation suggests that our acupuncture meridians are the electrical circuits and the liquid crystal water in them conducts the electricity.

So how does that increase with Qigong?

The Organs as Tesla Coils and Capacitors

The coils in the body are the hollow organs of the body, the Yang organs (Fu). They serve as Tesla coils. The movement through the organ causes an electrical current which then influences other organs' current. This is how Qigong works. The capacitors connected to the larger coils are actually the Yin (Zang) organs of the body and they store electrons. The current goes into the teeth and they serve as diodes and are qi flow rectifiers.

Diodes are made of crystals and they send current in a specific direction. Diodes means that there is a positive charge on one side of the crystal and negative on the other. It is like a “check-valve”. Teeth are live tissue. The tooth matrix proteins aid in the function of the crystal. So they help to direct the flow and direction of the Qi.

If you drill a hole in the tooth and fill it with metal, you're changing the flow of the current. That's not necessary now that there is emerging technology to regrow bone. To avoid having to use metals, we need an environment where the stem cells can grow and we can increase the signal strength of the tooth. We also need micromineral nutrients and proteins to build the scaffolding patterning so that you can regrow teeth.

Dr. Weston Price, in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, observed in his research of indigenous cultures that were healthy and had healthy teeth, that nutrition was key. He also found that only 8% of the mummies he examined had tooth decay. Today is about 90% of people have tooth decay. He observed healthy indigenous people from around the world had one thing in common: they had diets high in micromineral nutrients, higher fat (Vitamin D and A) and none were vegans or vegetarians. It's important to have the right diet to regrow bone.

How Phototherapy Patches Work

  1. Stem Cell activation
  2. Increasing electrical current for repair

If you increase the electrical flow using Energy Enhancer patches where there is a Yin/Yang pair of patches, where you put a positively charged patch on the right and a relatively negatively charged on the left, will increase the energy flow. The 5 Element Protocol is fantastic for increasing the electrical/electron flow between the Zang and Fu organs which supports the building up of tissue. You can swap out Energy Enhancers for Yin/Yang patch pairs such as SPC complete/Aeon or Carnosine/Aeon or IceWave.

At the same time that you're increasing your electrons you're making the body more alkaline. We shift our metabolism (Energy Enhancers); so we go from anerobic glycolysis (produces lactic acid) to aerobic glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation where we burn more fat rather than carbs. That makes our energy production more efficient. That means less lactic acid production, and thus a more healthy, alkaline environment.

Teeth are current directional switches (diodes) in the system, whereas the organs are the Tesla coils and capacitors. That's why teeth are super-important to pay attention to for the health of the whole body.

Acupuncture Points

Go to for acupuncture point location and information.

We're influencing the Qi by stimulating acupuncture points with phototherapy patches. Each point has its own resonant frequency (“spirit” in Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Conception Vessel 24 – this “ghost point” is classically used to treat mania and epilepsy. CV24 is located in the midline underneath the lower lip on the chin. It is a switching point between the conception vessel and governing vessel points. This accesses the storage, like a door, for the storage of electrons in the CV and GV channels. If you're healthy, you have a lot of electrons in these channels. If you put your tip of your tongue to right behind the front incisors it closes the energy loop. that's a good thing!

While doing Microcosmic Orbit meditation you store energy in the CV/GV channel.

The body will use the electrons and Qi stored in the GV and CV channels to re-channel to Qi to organs in need. We can access the wealth of electrons stored through CV24 point. Because it is near the mouth, we can direct that energy into the teeth to help the mouth heal.

Tesla Protocol for Regeneration and Supporting Teeth ReGrowth

Superimpose the use of the Tesla antennae through the heart to amplify the healing effect. Direct the powerful field of the heart to the area you want to change or heal. By using two X39's you can create a Tesla Antenna. You can do this while sleeping.

  • Use two X39 patches: one on the center of the heart Conception Vessel 14 (near xiphoid) or (Governing Vessel 11 Shen Dao, spirit gate, just below thoracic vertebrae 3 on the back which is good for healing bone)
  • and one X39 on CV24 on the chin

Other Bone Supporting Protocols

Bone energy is part of the Kidney channel, so we can support this channel (kidney and bladder meridians) to help with bone mending.

Bladder 65 is good for mending bone. Put and X39 on right Bladder 65 to support bone mending.

Bladder 11 is the influential point for bone growth. (on the back of the neck at the level of T1, in either side bilaterally). You can put an Aeon patch or X39 on the right BL11 and then a Carnosine patch on the left BL11 (relatively more YIN than Aeon or X39). Carnosine rejuvenates and heals tissue.

Kidney 7 is a good point too. Use Alavida patch on the right side and Carnosine on the left. Alavida influences the pineal gland to secrete a hormone that rebalances the whole endocrine system (Epithalamin). Hormones affect bone growth. The Qi of the Kidney meridians influences bone.

Kidney 3 is good with Energy Enhancer, white on right, tan on left, or a combination of SP6C and Aeon combo (left, right side respectively) for influencing bone growth for the teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

If you look at the organ relationship, the heart and small intestine is related is related to wisdom teeth. If you destroy the switching mechanism by yanking them out, that can have long term consequences. Go to an IAOMT dentist for a second opinion.

You can make up for that loss by patching Heart 7 and Small Intestine 4 (Source points) with any Yin/Yang pair of phototherapy patches.

Clenching and Grinding

Gallbladder 37 decreases grinding and clenching of the teeth. Alavida on the right and SP6C on the left.

Combining with Gallbladder 41 with SP6C on the left foot, the Dai Ma channel master point, and Triple Burner 5 Aeon patch on the right on the forearm, can help with grinding and clenching.

Stomach 7 on the face, on the TMJ points on the jaw, you can use IceWave patches to ease the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, white on right and tan on left.

Questions and Answers

Listener asks re: Regenerating gum growth and avoiding root canals. There are few things that can penetrate a tooth. About a month of his own patching protocol, he developed an abscess with oil pulling around the tooth. He knows it is detoxing. He was patching X39 and Carnosine right over the tooth (symptom free previously but x-rays showed infections).

Dr. Dennis says to use hypochlorous acid from electrolysis machine like the Kangen machine. 2.5 pH water can be made. If you use Water Pik, you can spray that water right over the affected area. The infection resolves within 24 hours typically. The white blood cells in the body make hypochlorous acid so this is a natural thing to use. Gargle first with the acid, then spray with Water Pik is what Dr. Dennis suggests. Rinse teeth with neutral water afterwards.

Receding Gums: The stomach channel is responsible for gum health. Stomach and large intestines go around the mouth and gums on an acupuncture chart. You can use Spleen 6 on the left and Stomach 36 with Energy Enhancer and that will support the electrons flowing in the stomach channel.

You can still use the Tesla antennae, above, with X39 above. You can also use points one cun (thumb width) on either side of the CV24 on the chin with Aeon on the right and Carnosine on the left. You can use this protocol while sleeping.


In order to regenerate healthy teeth and tissues, you will need

  1. the energetic signal to regrow the teeth matrix via healthy stem cells (X39 patches)
  2. enhanced energy flow in the body – more electrons – (Energy Enhancer patches or a yin/yang patch combo)
  3. micronutrients and the right proteins (see Weston A. Price)
  4. Proper hydration with good quality water

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