How to Use The 5 Element Patching Protocol

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I am teaming up with Dr. Dennis Lobstein on this month's episode of Live with the LifeWave Doctors on Monday to talk about how to support your organs, glands and energy meridians using the 5 Elements Patching protocol.

What is the 5 Elements Patching Protocol?

In traditional Chinese Medicine, each element is associated with specific organs and glands in the body as well as the five senses.  Each change of season also brings about a dominant element.  The five elements consist of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The five element theory describes e the natural cycles and interrelationships between the external environment and the human body.  The Yin and Yang relationships can be balanced through these five elements.

For example, if you have severe sweet cravings, having swelling in your legs, digestive problems and tend to worry, that means you have major imbalances in the Earth element (Yin organ Spleen/ Yang organ Stomach).  On the other hand if you're unusually sad, have nasal and skin issues along with bowel trouble, you most likely have Metal element imbalances.

Many people turn to acupuncture to balance these specific meridians, but you can also easily use the LifeWave patches with this five day protocol to balance ALL the meridians yourself. How awesome is that?

So you can forgo the needles and instead supercharge and balance your Yin/Yang organs by following the LifeWave 5 Element patching protocol we're going to be sharing with you!

Tune in Monday to learn:

  • Signs if you're out of balance in one or more of the elements
  • How to use the Energy Enhancer patches or a Yin/Yang patching pair to balance each element on a five day rotation
  • How long to use this protocol to supercharge and balance your energy, organs and glands
  • When is it best to do this protocol and how to “tweak” the protocol to suit your specific needs
  • and more!

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“How to Balance your Body-Mind using the 5 Elements Patching Protocol”

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