How to amplify positive intentions using LifeWave patches – Spiritual Alchemy Part 2

If you drop into zero point energy and let go of pre-conceived notions that you “can't” know which patch to use and for what purpose.  Without thinking, you may be able to connect to your intuition to just “know”.  You develop spatial clairvoyance with practice.  Dr. Karen recommends the STOIM method to get into a coherent state with your intuition and accessing zero point.  Instructions on how to do this:

Dr. Dennis Lobstein is a metaphysical doctor and in this show he shares with us extremely valuable information on spiritual alchemy using LifeWave patches.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE. For acupuncture points listed below, please refer to for locations.

Even though we're using our body in 3D, we can connect with Spirit and uncollapsing the wave form to transform through movement for example when Dr. Karen is skating.  We are redeeming spirit from matter and eliciting a transformation from our intuition.

Acupuncture points for willpower and potential and restoring our original Qi and our connection and resonance with Source.  Connect the field of the heart with Source.  When we are resonating with Source, we rediscover Source and become One with it.  Original Qi, De Qi is regained if we have an injury and we drop into zero point energy and connect with Source.  That's where wounded warrior – strength – comes from reconnecting to that original Qi.  We recognize more of our potential in that space.

For acupuncture point locations, please refer to

Bladder 52 – Bladder 23 kidney Qi support is very important of course, however, Bladder 52 is just outside of these points in the outer bladder line (at the lumbar spine 2 level), in the outer Bladder line, 3 cun (Chinese inches) from the center.  This deals with more psychological and esoteric issues.  That point harmonizes Zhi, the Will, the spirit of the kidneys.  That harmonizes it with the heart and the Jing, essence of the kidney, so we can restore the connection of resonance with Source and increase our original Qi with Bladder 52.  We can access spiritual alchemy using the processes we have in the 5 elements.  We are tonifying kidney Jing and we can rediscover/reconnect with Source in a greater way.  We can then recognize our connection and unblock filters we may have that keeps this awareness from flowing.

  • Aeon on the Right and SP6 on the left BL52 . Bladder 52 indications – reconnect with Source, increase original Qi.  You can use IceWave instead of Qon and SP6.
  • Optional X39 stem cell patch on CV6 which makes a powerful triangle congruent with the lifegate.  CV6 indications – tonify all Qi in the body and especially in the Dan Tien the sea of Qi where the life energy is stored when not coursing through meridians.

When we meditate using this protocol, we access our life purpose, the Qi flows better when we're in alignment.

Sky-Window Acupuncture Points

Lung 3 restores original Qi as well – it is a sky-window point (calms the spirit of Metal element).  Sky window points harmonize the head and the body or between the Sky and the Earth.  Lung 3 will harmonize head and the body and decrease rebellion of Qi and blood (going in the wrong direction) when they are not flowing the way they are supposed to.  If lung Qi is rebellious, then you get coughing.  It allows light to come in – so it helps us with our Vision.  We can see better, like Native Americans going on a Vision Quest. It reconnects us with our Light and decreasing the Dark. When we meditate we get the answers of Light coming out of the Dark.

Raise your arm and turn your head so the tip of the nose touches the bicep – that's lung 3.  It is another point that restores the original Qi.  When we use it with meditation and drop into zero point, we can access our original Qi and we can expand our Vision to our purpose is in life and what Source wants us to discover i.e. how to conduct our lives as an expression of Source.

Stomach 9 (Earth element) is indicated for unclear vision.  It receives the Qi of the gut in the form of the love of the mother (gives the love of the mother to the gut – large intesting).  The Earth is the Mother of the Metal element (large intestine and lung organs).  Metal's role is to help us with our vision quest and our spiritual connections.  When this is unclear, you can unblock that vision using Stomach 9.  It casts aside distrust, which is a negative constitutional factor of the Earth element.  Not seeing your purpose, now knowing what to do is all part of these symptoms.  Stomach 9 can restore trust and unblock the blockages created by distrust.  This helps make your vision more clear.

Heavenly Star Points

These are important classical points of the Jade Dragon system.  They are common points we use a lot with the patches.

Liver 3 can treat Shen disorder including anxiety. Liver Qi stagnation can cause irritability, migraines.  Patching with Energy Enhancer you'll get coherence and energy to clear the stagnation.  This is believed to come from inner organ dysfunction of Zang-Fu issues – the gut rather than the brain like in western medicine. The Rife frequency apps are available to send frequencies to your body $200.

Gallbladder 34 can dispel negativity and increase hope.  It helps them make better judgement (the worth or value of something) /discernment (difference between two things).  It also relaxes sinews and eases rigidity and calms frustration.  Many blockages are related to frustration.  It can treat fearfulness and frequent sighing.  It can harmonize the Shao yang – gallbladder and triple burner and decreasing damp heat in liver and gallbladder.

You can use both points if you want, as a Yin Yang pair with Tan or negatively charged patch on LV3 and White or positively charged patch on GB34.

Ghost points

The Ghost points are used for mania, exorcism of possession and epilepsy and involuntary twitching, protection, trust, loss of consciousness.  

GV26 is a ghost point which is on the mustache area above the lips and it can help regain consciousness and even unblock pain.  It is a major point.  If someone has terrible back pain, it can open blockages on the back so they can move and get up on the treatment table.

GV16 Jade Pillow can get rid of internal wind.  Twitching shaking symptoms and mania are indications for this point.

Pericardium 8 stimulated and wake up spirit from hiding.  We can put patches on this point in our hands and then sweep the meridian channels to unblock Qi.  Rubbing hands together creates a vacuum pulls Qi out of the cave.  It is a way to activate Qi. You're making the Qi come to the surface.  If you're patching someone, you can activate the patches better wherever you put them by rubbing your hands together and hold them over the patches, sending the phototherapy signals more efficiently through the body.

Other Ghost points:  If you want to build trust use LU11. Protection Spleen 1,  protecting heart blood PC7, reinforcing the pathway BL62, or dealing with twitching or tremors would be GV16.  For more rest, we'd use ST6.  CV1 put on the outside of the underwear and is the bottom of the Tai Chi pole to pull the energy through this area. By pulling this you stimulate the Torus field that then comes around to the top of the head GV20.  That's a good way of dealing with depressed symptoms.  Tan patch on CV1 and Aeon or any Y-Age patch on GV20 on the head.  That torus field is not stagnant but rotating, it is connecting you to the Source and the heart.

Ana on the call had a question about one sided issues in her body.  Dr. Dennis offered these two solutions:

In five element medicine when Qi is stronger on one side than the other, that is a husband-wife block.  The block is usually between the metal and the water.  The block isn't letting the Qi get over from the metal to the water element.  If you stand in the metal point of the water in this case kidney 7 metal point of the water meridian) that should help pull the Qi over and relieve the stagnation.  That will then rebalance the whole cycle.  So put kidney 7 TAN Icewave or negatively charged patches on the left, then go to BL67 which is the metal point in the water for the yang (large intestine going to bladder) put a white IceWave or positively charged on the right. (tip of the right toe).

Another option is using a triangle IceWave on BL 57, a heavenly star point, support mountain point, then use Y-Age patches on the apex of triangles, Aeon GV 19 (for back pain) and glutathione on GV 14 and Carnosine on lifegate GV 4 or sacrum GV2.   That resolves most back issues.


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