How LifeWave Patches Can Protect You From Radiation Effects

Have You Protected Yourself And Your Family From Radiation Effects?

You've probably heard about LifeWave's Matrix 2, but how else can LifeWave protect you from all the other sources of radiation (besides cell phones) that we surround ourselves with everyday?

And how do we share the importance of radiation protection with others in a way that they really “get” it?

Join me on Monday as Dr. Dennis Lobstein shares

  • The startling effects of radiation on our health, life expectancy, and even marine life
  • How natural, energy and Asian medicine can work together to fight the effects of radiation
  • How these LifeWave products work to provide high levels of radiation protection


Here are the details: 

Monday, February 3, 2014 at 12 pm Noon EST 

To tune in via internet and to set a reminder to check out this interview visit:

Call in Number to Have Your Questions Answered:  

(818) 514-1190


(If you can’t join us live just click the link above to access a recording of the interview right after the show!)




Dr. Karen

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