Got Cravings? Why LifeWave Patches are a Lifesaver during Holidays

How to Avoid Cravings and Overeating with LifeWave Patches

Holidays can be really challenging if you are trying to stay healthy! Think about it.. you're likely surrounded by delicious food high in sugar (quite tempting to eat one slice too many) and time with family can be stressful causing unwanted cravings.. and ultimately extra holiday pounds!

Luckily for us LifeWave has made it easy to avoid overeating and caving into cravings this holiday with some easy protocols!

Join us LIVE as I interview Dr. Dennis Lobstein on Monday's Episode of “Live with the LifeWave Doctors” as we explore some new protocols that will support you in a healthier holiday season this year.

You can even call in to ask your questions!


 Here are the details to join us:
Monday, December 4th at 12 pm Noon EST
Call in to ask your questions at: (818) 514-1190
Can't join us live? Just tune into the show anytime after the show airs at the link above.
Enjoy the show and please share this free resource with someone you know who struggles with cravings.


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