If you’d like to purchase LifeWave patches, just follow the step-by-step instructions below.



  1. Go to or the link from the distributor you are buying from
  2. Choose your Country and Language
  3. Scroll mouse over Products
  4. Choose Products and click on which one you’re interested in
  5. Click Add to Cart, either regular retail (button on left) or preferred customer autoship (button on the right)
  6. Repeat for all other products you wish to buy
  7. Click on the Cart icon at the top right
  8. Click View Cart to make adjustment to quantities
  9. Click Checkout
  10. Click CREATE ACCOUNT (you will be asked for a distributor that you are buying under)
  11. Fill out the information requested
  12. After creating password, keep it in a safe place so you can remember it
  13. Click Submit Registration
  14. Complete the Checkout process

How to sign up as a distributor

  1. Go to or the link you were given by the distributor you’re signing up under
  2. Select Your Country and Language
  3. Click JOIN in the top navigation (on the right)
  4. Select your Country
  5. Choose your enrollment package (*see video tutorial below for additional instructions on how to choose)
  6. Complete the form.  Your Tax ID or SSN is not required until your earn commissions (the photo ID required to release money to you).
  7. Scroll ALL the way down through the LifeWave Policies
  8. Click the button to Agree to the policies and click Submit
  9. Finish the registration and checkout
  10. Check your email for confirmation from LifeWave

Instructional Video on How to Sign Up as a Distributor

To qualify for commissions you have to be on Autoship and have 55 personal volume per month.

How to get on Autoship:

  1. Go to  Click LOGIN at the very top right hand where you see a padlock icon
  2. Use your username and password and login
  3. Click STORE and choose a product worth at least 55BV (example one package of patches) and click the button that says Add to Autoship
  4. Once you’ve put in the number of products you wish to autoship to you every month, then checkout.

You can adjust the date of  shipment after setting up Autoship by clicking the Autoship Orders tab, the clicking on Processing and changing the date.  Please keep in mind that you must order every 4 weeks to qualify for commissions and to keep any volume accumulated from people being sponsored underneath your business center (your downline).

If you do not order in time, your “points” volumes will flush to zero and you will not be able to accumulate these over time to earn cycle commissions.

For more information on the compensation plan click LifeWave Compensation Plan English to download the booklet.

Contact one of our Team Members to get a Distributor Number and ORDER TODAY!