Distributor Spotlight: Rhetah Kwan – Portland, OR

Retah Rwan Headshot - LifeWave Patch Training Team Spotlight

As a coach since 2001, my focus is to support others during life changes while staying centered and in touch with my core values. I strive to always be open with my clients and provide support with an open heart and mind. I was led to LifeWave after a nightmare experience in 2013 where my husband suffered from a bacterial infection that spread to his brain. I lived minute-to-minute in fear of the outcome until I found LifeWave and the patches. The patches gave me the ability to remain calm while overseeing his care and being present for the needs of my clients.

Before being introduced to LifeWave and the X-39 patch, I spent the past 40 years not sleeping well and waking up 3-4 times a night. My heart would race all day and night, my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest, and my knees would swell so badly it hurt to walk.  After using the X-39 patch for a few days, I was able to sleep through the night and it felt like a miracle to go to sleep by 11 pm and wake up at 6:30 am!  My knees were no longer painful, the swelling subsided, my heart calmed, and I began shedding weight like never before.  I now use LifeWave patches daily; my favorites are Aeon, Sp6 Complete, and Glutathione.  I never imagined I could feel so much better!

I was so impressed with the patches, corporate leadership, Dr. Karen Kan, and my sponsor, that I decided LifeWave was my new home. Since then I have been committed to supporting others on their journey of health and vitality, all while building a foundation of financial security through the integrity, quality, and innovation provided by LifeWave.

My goal is to integrate the highest quality of health possible by using patch technology to support others who are like myself. An ideal team member would embrace similar goals, maintain an open mind, operate with a servant leader's heart, and prioritize their focus on daily actions to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and others. I'd love to work with someone that is globally connected, enjoys the leverage of working with a proven product, and likes to have fun!


Rhetah Kwan


Email Address: Rhetah@Funfuture.net

Phone Number: (503) 307-5169

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