Distributor Spotlight: Rhetah Kwan – Portland, OR

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As a coach focusing on supporting people to thrive through giant changes in their life since 2001, my goal is to stay centered, in touch with my core values, and to be able to open myself and listen with a whole heart to my clients. In 2013, my husband had his gallbladder removed and got a bacterial infection that spread to his brain. What happened to him is a living nightmare. While looking for something to help my husband with his pain, I found LifeWave. Without the patches, my quality of life was reduced to living minute-to-minute in fear of finding someone who could help him while doing all I can to support his care. Since finding the patches I am able to be calm, to be there for my clients and their needs, while overseeing my husband’s needs.  I have carved out a life to support myself and ensure clarity of mind, health, and strength of body while staying in alignment with my Spirit.

Before taking the X-39 I was not sleeping well, waking up 3-4 times a night for the last 40 years. My heart would race day and night and pound like it was coming out of my chest and my knees would swell and it hurt to walk.  After taking X-39 for a few days, I slept through the night! It felt like a miracle to go to sleep by 11 pm and wake up at 6:30 am!  My knees stopped hurting and swelling and my heart calmed.  Now I take Aeon, Sp6 Complete, and Glutathione and am shedding pounds like never before!

The company I was with for close to 17 years decided to take their business model to an ECommerce model and all of the Associates were let go.  I am impressed with the patches, the corporate leadership, Dr. Karen Kan, and my sponsor, all of who had done research as well on LifeWave, I decided this is my new home.

I did not know how much better I could feel. I am not alone. So many are praying and looking for something to support their health and vitality.  I am committed to supporting people to have the best quality of health and a vehicle to build a foundation of financial security. LifeWave offers both with integrity, quality, kindness, and innovation. 

My goal is to integrate the highest quality of health possible using the patch technology daily. Achieve the highest rank with LifeWave by December 2021 to support people like me who have a loved one they want to support with the best quality of care available. And, to produce a movie that blows the lid off the lack of care for people who are not mentally well and to support groups who are working towards creative, healthy solutions.

My ideal customer or team member has an open mind and heart to embrace the quality that awaits them at LifeWave.  A person with a servant leader’s heart and has the capacity to focus, and take daily action to achieve what they say they want for them and to support others. Someone with global contacts and can enjoy the leverage of working with a proven product, compensation plan, and team. Love it if they were also fun!

Retah Kwan


Email Address: Rhetah@Funfuture.net

Phone Number: (503) 307-5169

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