Distributor Spotlight: Renate Lundberg, MA, Lake Oswego, Oregon

LifeWave Patch Training Team - Renate

 I have a Master's Degree in Psychology and LOVE helping people have a better quality of life! I have personally overcome several health challenges and experienced first hand how much more fun life can be at 64 years of age now since I am completely pain free and have energy to run and play with my grandson.

I realized that this cutting edge patented product can change the well being of countless people around the globe. Since there truly is no competition, it is a fantastic business opportunity for myself and so many of our friends who will also enjoy a solid re-occurring income for years to come!

My 74 year old husband Bob experienced extreme discomfort in his right knee. Even though he was on heavy duty pain pills it was difficult for him to walk. We applied the X39 stem cell patch directly on his knee and in less than one week Bob was running up and down the stairs faster than our 8 year old grandson! That happened beginning of April 2020. Within the last 6 months, Bob has not experienced any pain what so ever. Yesterday we walked 10 miles on the beach. Bob was not even sore and ready to go for another long walk the next day!!

My goal is for my family and my friends to experience optimum health with LifeWave patches. I also am passionate about helping people have stable finances since financial stress can be as harmful to the body as diseases.

I am looking for people who are passionate about helping others have a better quality of life! I can't wait to hear their life changing success stories! That's my biggest reward!

Renate Lundberg, MA


Email Address: progress3377@gmail.com

Phone Number: (503) 816-6189

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