Distributor Spotlight: Pam Nelson, Craniosacral Therapist and Energy Healer, Fairbanks, Alaska


Hi! My name is Pam Nelson, and I live in Fairbanks, Alaska.  As a craniosacral therapist and energy healer, my work is a combination of craniosacral & myofascial therapy, amazinGrace energy healing, Long Distance work, vibration/sound healing, and traditional S. American training.  I offer sound baths locally, and am a certified teacher of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” workshop.  I have studied with a variety of teachers from all around the world, and I absolutely love what I do!

Prior to being able to devote myself full-time to being a therapist and energy healer, I was a school teacher in rural Alaska from 1984-2005, where I had the opportunity to work with a culture and lifestyle that is fast-disappearing.   Much of my life has felt magical – I lived and worked in rural Alaska for 21 years, owned a dog team, traveled by boat, plane, snow machine and dogs to teach students who lived in isolated camps in NW Alaska, adopted two children from Peru,  and moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2005 where my husband and I now live on our small “farmette” with chickens, bees and a big garden.  

I am always looking for tools that can support my work with clients and that they can use at home to support their own healing and overall health.  A client introduced me to LifeWave's photo bio-modulation patches, and after reading the research and watching several videos, I saw the potential of LifeWave's products to help my clients.  They often come to me for complementary health care, and are sometimes looking for ideas and answers that they have not been able to find elsewhere.  As I started using the LifeWave patches during my sessions with clients, I saw their effectiveness.  But I became most excited when clients began using them between sessions, and reported changes in their daily lives.  Some changes were what we hoped for…and some were completely unexpected and life-changing. 

I recommend and personally use the X39 patch most often because it can help with pain, inflammation and energy, in addition to its ability to enhance stem cell production.  I believe this patch alone has incredible potential – it seems to meet each person in the way they most need it.   I have also found the Aeon patch very helpful for clients with brain and nervous system challenges as well as those needing stress relief.  Increasing anti-oxidant production,  promoting muscle repair, and enhancing sleep are some of the other benefits of the different LifeWave phototherapy products and I am constantly sharing them with family, friends and clients.  LifeWave has truly benefited my family and my practice.

For those of you who are science-based, the company provides many studies and can scientifically support any claim that they make.  Based on the quality of their research, Lifewave was given a 20 year patent for X39, and they continue to research its benefits over time.  Knowing the research and my clients' experiences, I feel confident that LifeWave patch technology is a powerful tool to support health and wellness.  

My goal each day is to help people find solutions, and I would love to help you find your way to a more healthy and vibrant life.  I can help you open up a retail or wholesale account with LifeWave that best meets your needs and support you in your use of the patches.  If you choose to pursue the LifeWave business opportunity, I am also here to help you share the patches with others and build your business.  I look forward to talking with you and helping you find the answers you are seeking.

Again, it would be a pleasure to help you discover and utilize LifeWave’s photo bio-modulation patches!  Let me help you on your journey to better wellness!

Pam Nelson

Integrated Body Therapy



Telephone Number: 907-452-0530

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