Distributor Spotlight: Mary Perry, Sparrows Point, MD

LifeWave Patch Training Team Distributor Spotlight - Mary Perry


Hi, I am Mary Perry. For the last 25 years, I have been an Angel Intuitive and Seraphim Blueprint healer with a special interest in helping others to achieve their best life. I help clients connect to their inner wisdom and begin the healing journey through spiritual counseling and teaching. Through my own personal health challenges, including cancer and diabetes, I have realized that our physical bodies are sacred temples that house our souls during this lifetime, and the more we practice self-care, the deeper our connections become. I spent many years using western medicine to treat ailments, but since experiencing the benefits of LifeWave firsthand I now understand that natural treatments work so much better.

Before LifeWave I suffered from chronic back pain and low energy with pain levels reaching a 7 to 8 on a daily basis. I was exhausted all of the time and couldn't drive or walk more than 50 yards without pain. I tried massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy and nothing seemed to make a difference and it seemed like the only option for relief was surgery. I was then introduced to LifeWave through Dr. Karen Kan while attending a conference in North Carolina. I was actively in pain and she placed the first patch on me at the airport, within 15 minutes my SI joints shifted! After one day I already felt less pain, took 2/3 less ibuprofen, and began sleeping much better. I was very lucky that the patches worked so quickly and by day 4 of the conference I knew I needed to be a distributor so I could help others.

A year into using LifeWave, I can now walk 10,000 steps a day with little or no pain, my terrible sugar cravings have disappeared, and I have lost 42 pounds. I got so excited about my results and wanted to show others that pain relief can be found without drugs, needles, or surgery, so I decided to become a LifeWave Distributor. I get very excited about sharing my success stories with others and I feel blessed to help.

I like working with people who are open to exploring a way to help themselves without drugs, surgery, or needles and want to be free from low energy, pain, and trouble sleeping. Being open to unconventional ways of treatment and being in touch with one's own body is an important part of the healing process. It is my passion to help others and LifeWave can do that through the patches as well as business opportunities. I love seeing my LifeWave business flourish and helping my team establish financial security through their businesses, it is a beautiful blessing.

Mary Perry



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