Distributor Spotlight: Eram Saeed, Global Telesummit Host, Pakistan

My name is Eram Saeed and I'm the founder of From Heartache to Joy, a global telesummit series, featuring the top global leaders, focused on giving you cutting edge techniques in the human potential movement so you have a healthy and more fulfilled life! I am also the founder of the Journey of Joy Foundation, a Global initiative, launched to eradicate crimes against women. My mission is to help you reduce suffering and experience joy, freedom, and peace!

I was first introduced to LifeWave by one of the top healers I interviewed on my telesummit, Dr. Karen Kan. She suggested that I try the X39 patch. I am a very busy woman and I needed “simple”. Putting that patch on is simple, yet so profound!

My daughter had flu-like symptoms one day and we decided to patch her. The next day, she was completely back to normal! My father, who is in his mid-seventies, had been suffering with debilitating knee pain for over a year. With a single patch, he told me his pain was gone! Both he and I were amazing!

In April 2019 I decided that it was vital that my global telesummit community know about these amazing little devices, so that's when I decided to sign up to be a distributor. I look forward to helping a LOT of people – and I just love how this simple patch can transform someone's life!

Feel free to contact my personal team if you'd like to try these amazing patches! Just take a look at some of these before and after pictures – https://OrderJoyNow.com/X39

Eram SaeedGlobal Telesummit HostSupport@Fromheartachetojoy.comLifeWave Distributor number: 1030974

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