Distributor Spotlight: Cathy Hohmeyer, Nutritional Energetics Expert, Lake Clear, New York

Working in Washington DC as an occupational therapist made me realize! Whoa – we need places to rejuvenate!  So, I came home to my native Adirondack Mountains (a.k.a. the Healing Woods) and, over many years, revamped an 1886 Lodge into a place to get away in Nature.  It is now called the Lake Clear Lodge and Resort. 

As the Executive Chef for over 30 years, I creatively combine health with food and “land” with energetics.  I am fascinated by the human body/mind/spirit blueprint and offer retreats and classes, both “online” and onsite and introduce people to various modalities. My Nutritional Energetics Cooking Academy re-introduces people to the traditional methods of food preparations and adds nutritional energetics to it. When it comes to foods, it’s about how you prepare the foods you like to eat. 

My journey with LifeWave started with the Y-Age Aeon patch.  I honestly didn’t know at the time that people existed without “brain fog”!  Within a very short period of time of using the Aeon patch, my brain fog disappeared.   I and my family use the variety of patches provided by LifeWave – from hurting backs to toothaches, anxiety and much more.  I rely on the Energy Enhancer patches when the lodge is full and I’m juggling many hats.  It’s a lifesaver!

Now, I’m super-excited to combine all that I know in wellness, nutritional energetics, with these amazing LifeWave phototherapy patches, to help people live happier and healthier lives.  If you want to know how to improve your health through food, energy and light, contact me!

Cathy Hohmeyer

6319 State Rt 30

Lake Clear NY  12945




(518) 891 1489

Distributor number #843338

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