New to LifeWave? Introduction to LifeWave Patches (FREE Replay)

Here’s Your Complimentary LifeWave Introductory Class with Lydia Wainwright and Dr. Karen Kan Have you heard about LifeWave acupuncture patches? If so you have probably heard raving reviews about how Olympic athletes, physicians, and now people of all ages and health conditions are using these all-natural acupuncture patches for immediate pain relief, support of natural […]

LifeWave Patch Training: How to clear sinus congestion symptoms

How to Use Y-Age Aeon Patches (or IceWave Patches) for the “Stuffy Nose” In this short and simple video I show you how to use Y-Age Aeon patches to relieve nasal congestive symptoms (you can also use IceWave Patches as well).   (If you enjoyed this video please comment below)   If you are watching […]

LifeWave Patch Training: Patching to Relieve Sore Throat and Sneezing

How to Patch to Relieve Early Cold Symptoms I have used this very successful method to relieve symptoms like coughing, running nose, sneezing, sore or scratchy throat so I don’t get the full blown effects of a cold. In this quick video I show you the acupuncture points to use with either IceWave patches or […]

LifeWave Patch Training: Surround the Dragon Protocol for Regional Pain

Feel Pain Relief in Just a Few Minutes  This is called “Surround the Dragon Protocol” which is an ancient Chinese acupuncture technique that uses patches instead of needles. So say you have a shoulder pain that you tried a regular patching protocol and it hasn’t worked as well as you wish (or have a severe […]

LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches for Pain Relief: Shortcut Protocol

Pain Relief with Aeon Patching Technique In this video I show you my  “shortcut” pain relief protocol using the LifeWave patches. Instead of using IceWave for localized pain relief, you can use Aeon patches instead:   If you enjoyed this video, please post a comment on my Youtube video and be sure to check out […]