Phototherapy Patching Tips for Holiday cravings, stress and overeating

In this months’ radio show Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen discuss the “addiction” acupuncture point Tien Wei and how to use it to curb various different cravings.  Just in time for the holidays!  The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER3 to attend Dr. Dennis’ weekly workshop on health and wellness (virtual!). In this short show with Dr. […]

Advanced LifeWave Patch Protocols for Optimal Sleep Replay

Here is the replay for today’s radio show on optimal LifeWave Patch protocols for optimal sleep with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan.  Join Dr. Dennis every Wednesday for his Acupatch clinic in person or online.  Download info here: The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER.  Go to for the link to attend live online. […]

Acupuncture Patching Protocols to support Libido, Infertility and Sexual Symptoms

To participate in free Wednesday night Acupatch clinic through the internet, download this flyer for instructions: the-acuwave-health-education-clinic-flyer Chinese Medicine has a long history of supporting healthy sexual function.  The Tian Gui substance promotes growth and development.  It makes the kidneys prosperous in women by age 7 and in men by age 8.  The kidney Jing (essence) […]