LifeWave Receives Two Patents for Non-Transdermal Patch Technology

LifeWave Patent Approval Supported By Scientific Research Exciting News! We are so pleased to announce that after a 10 year evaluation of LifeWave’s technology, clinical studies, and scientific research, the US Patent Office has issued two patents for LifeWave’s non-transdermal patch technology. In 2002, when the first LifeWave patch prototypes were created, David Schmidt filed […]

This Monday, I’m Starting A New LifeWave Tradition!

Starting this upcoming Monday, October 7th at 12 noon I will be dedicating the my radio show to a live LifeWave Q & A with Lifewave Expert Dr. Dennis Lobstein on the first Monday of every Month. This is your chance to invite potential clients, colleagues, friends and any curious party to have all their questions […]

LifeWave Distributor Training: Advanced Pain Relief Protocols Using LifeWave Patches

Learn Advanced Acupuncture Patching Protocols As a thank you for being a Patch Training Team Access Subscriber, I am offering you exclusive complimentary access to my recent class Advanced Pain Relief Protocols Using LifeWave Patches. In this recorded class you will learn advanced acupuncture patching protocols using IceWave pain relief patches, Y-Age Glutathione, Aeon and […]