LifeWave Distributor Training: Why People Don’t Lose Weight and How LifeWave Patches Can Help

The Seven Major Underlying Imbalances That Cause Weight Gain Tonight’s webinar focused on the seven major underlying imbalances that cause unwanted weight gain and the inability to lose fat.  Weight loss is frustrating for many people, especially those that are already exercising and eating well.   This recently updated webinar includes some elements not included […]

LifeWave Team Training: Why People Can’t Lose Weight and how LifeWave Can Help

The top reasons we don’t lose weight easily & what lifewave patches can do about it This week’s team training call was on the topic of weight loss.  Many people struggle to lose weight even though they exercise and eat “right”. In this webinar, I reveal the top reasons why we don’t easily lose excess […]

Reduce Your Stress Levels, and Feel Happy & Healthy with LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches

Do You Reduce Your Stress Levels?   Stress on your body is good for you, to some extent. However when left unchecked or untreated, stress can prove to be extremely harmful. In an article on Wed MD about stress it states the human body experiences stress and is programed react to it. Stress can be […]

LifeWave Glutathione, Everyone needs it!

Glutathione, The Master Antioxident, The SuperHero Can you answer this: What is Glutathione, and what does it do for the body? Is it really that important? Glutathione fights against free radicals that attack our bodies everyday, it supports and strengthens the T cells of the body to aid in our immune systems response, it also […]

LifeWave Canosine Patches, What will they do for you?

Do You Know What Carnosine Is, And How It Can Help You?   Let’s find out, shall we. But, First, a few questions: Would you or someone you know like to live a longer healthier life? Would you prefer to grow older by adding numbers, not by adding wrinkles? Would you like to find a […]

Get Dr. Karen’s new book on chronic pain FREE this week!

  It’s Already Hit Amazon’s #1 Bestseller List Mark your calendars. The time has finally come! March 1st through 3rd will be my free Kindle promotion of my brand new book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach.  Amazingly, it hit Amazon’s #1 Bestseller list within six days of being published! This book contains over a […]

Easy, Effective Way to Deal With Stress: LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches

LifeWave Aeon: Don’t Stress About Stress   It doesn’t take clinical research to prove that stress isn’t good for your mental and physical health. When we are stressed, we feel it! But it does take scientific research to understand just how detrimental stress is to our overall health and well being. Forbes writer, David DiSalvo, […]