LifeWave Radio Replay: Protocols for enhancing thicker hair Part 1 x39 may be useful for hair thinning

Tweet In this radio show, Dr. Lobstein, describes how to enhance your natural body’s ability to support natural thickening of the hair on your head. In this show, we cover the Chinese Medicine theory as well, share some acupuncture points that beautify hair and optimize health, and how we can use LifeWave patches on these […]

LifeWave Radio Replay: Mood Swings & Change of Season Support

Tweet In this month’s LifeWave Ask the Doctors Radio segment on Light Warrior Radio, Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen discuss LifeWave phototherapy patching protocols for Mood Swings and Change of Season support. For looking up acupuncture points listed below, we recommend Listen below for the replay: Dr. Dennis would rather teach people a […]

LifeWave Patching Protocols for Symptoms of PTSD and other emotional trauma

Tweet Listen to this replay of the Ask the Doctors radio show with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan. The topic is about Chinese acupuncture theory and how to use LifeWave phototherapy tools to improve the energy flow of the body and relieving severe stress symptoms. For acupuncture point locations, please check “The […]

LifeWave Patching Protocols for enhancing 5G Resilience

TweetDr Dennis Lobstein shares his understanding of 5G. In this episode of Ask the LifeWave doctors, Dr. Lobstein shares his view of 5G, how that relates to Traditional Chinese medicine and how LifeWave phototherapy patches can enhance and/or protect our body’s health in the wake of the 5G roll out. According to the Nuremberg code […]

Phototherapy Patching Tips for Holiday cravings, stress and overeating

Tweet In this months’ radio show Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen discuss the “addiction” acupuncture point Tien Wei and how to use it to curb various different cravings.  Just in time for the holidays!  The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER3 to attend Dr. Dennis’ weekly workshop on health and wellness (virtual!). In this short show with […]

Advanced LifeWave Patch Protocols for Optimal Sleep Replay

Tweet Here is the replay for today’s radio show on optimal LifeWave Patch protocols for optimal sleep with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan.  Join Dr. Dennis every Wednesday for his Acupatch clinic in person or online.  Download info here: The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER.  Go to for the link to attend live […]

LifeWave Protocols to support healthy blood sugar

Tweet Dr. Dennis’ FREE Acupatch Clinics every Wednesdays 10:30 PM Eastern/7:30 PM Pacific – Connect by ZOOMCAST Flyer below: the-acuwave-health-education-clinic-flyer There are three Jaio’s or “warmers” in the body.  The imbalance of blood sugar is related to all three “warmers”.  The middle warmer is the one that is most affected when blood sugar is out […]

Disable Veteran Gets Miraculous Pain Relief

Tweet David “Moose” McArthur here, I was introduced to the LifeWave patches and was a little skeptical at first, but fell in love real quick.  I am 100% disabled from the military and have been suffering from severe daily headaches.  I had a home visit from Kim and Jan Hoffmeyer.  They told me about how […]

LifeWave Patches: What acupuncturists need to know…

Tweet Lydia Wainwright, licensed acupuncturist, interviews chronic pain expert, Dr. Karen Kan, author of the Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a holistic approach to ask her what healthcare professionals should know if their client or patient asks them about LifeWave Patches.  This interview answers questions like: Do the patches work on everyone? Are patches […]