[LW Radio] LifeWave Patching Protocol Q&A w/Dr. Dennis Continues!

If you remember from last month’s LifeWave Radio Episode, we covered patching protocols for the recent energetic changes that have been occurring with ascension. I felt like there was still some left on the table and wanted for this month to be the same format. Therefore, if there are any questions that were still left […]

Testimonial: ‘Quick Healing Power’

My testimonial with the X39 is especially the quick healing of 3 scratches while doing the garden. I think I will see more change on my skin over the months with the X39 (Sun spots among others). I have uses patches for 11 years and I have a very good diet. Now most people have […]

“X39 is a miracle when it comes to energy!”

In regards to the X39 I have noticed a significant change in my overall energy level, endurance, sleeping more soundly, mental clarity, skin tone, my hair volume and overall sense of well-being and really love the product! Thank you so much –         Kelly Madruga For a quick and easy way to get your 30 or 60 […]

Testimonial: “X39 is a daily for me. Energy, clear mind and thinking.”

“Had to share this amazing testimonial on this new technology that you guys hear about. Yes, I have barely used the extras. X39 is daily for me. Energy, clear mind and thinking. I am an instructor at Boeing. My degree is in elementary education and I have zero aerospace experience. Yet, with X39, I am […]

Testimonial: Thank you David Schmidt for inventing the X39

I don’t know about you, but spending about $14000 (about $350/session of hyperbaric oxygen treatments and this doesn’t include travel, time off from work etc.) with minimal improvement in this ulcer, and then spending less than $150 and putting a simple phototherapy patch on the body every day to achieve immense healing in less than […]

Testimonial: “I have a renewed lease on life!” X39 PATCHES

“In the past, I have been a 76-years  over weight lady who stayed home most of the time because of back pain, depression, tiredness, poor sleep, and lacking exercise. That has all been changing since using the X39 patch and I have a renewed lease on an active life, lived with enthusiasm. Thank you for […]

Testimonial: “I had problems for over 40 years… it’s now diminishing!”

“I’ve been using X39™ since June.Right now I relieve my pain in my right wrist, which I had problems with over 40 years, it’s diminishing. I’ve experienced more energy and tightening of the skin in the face…hurray for the X39™.”  -Freddy jøhnk For a quick and easy way to get your 30 or 60 day […]

Testimonial: ‘My sleep with the x39 is just fantastic!’

‘My first 24 hours with the x39. I have a scoliosis and a prolapsed disc from which I have a lot of pain when I sleep in beds that are either too soft or too hard. Travelling a lot means that I am staying at different hotels and sleeping in new beds a lot. For […]

Testimonial: ‘Testimonial from Uganda’

In 2016 I was struck by a blood clot in my right leg and was hospitalized for quite a while. Following continuous and expensive treatment I was finally free of the clots. But the clots in my blood vessels over time became permanent tissues and continued to interfere with blood flow in my leg. Last […]