Testimonials: ‘After 30 days sticking with X39 my shoulder got better by 80%’

‘In August 2017, I injured my right shoulder in a fall. Diagnosis: tear of 2 tendons For personal reasons, I refused an operation. Medical treatments and physical therapy until April 2018 did not improve at all. Almost any sleeping position caused me pain and I have not slept through a single night for months. In […]

Testimonials: ‘For the First Time in Year my Knee is not Hurting’

‘A doctor friend of mine stopped by my home yesterday with his wife. He has had 5 surgeries on his right knee and he stays in constant pain despite numerous attempts at medication including regular pain clinic visits. So, I took one of my supply of X39 and placed it medially on his right knee. […]

Tesla Antennaes with LifeWave Patches to get to Zero Point (to manifest)

Listen to this radio show with Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen to learn about how to set up a Tesla antennae to get to Zero point so you can manifest your intentions more easily using the field of the heart.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE.  […]

With Dramatic Smartphone Sales LifeWave Offers Proven Protection

United States & Global Smartphone Sales Show Dramatic Increase, Are You Protected From Cell Phone Radiation?   A recent article on www.gizmag.com reports “smartphone penetration has broken the 50 percent barrier in the United States, with these devices now outnumbering their feature phone brethren for the first time.” The article also mentioned that smartphone penetration […]

LifeWave Team Training: MLM Leads Marketing & Chakra 2 Money Vows

REVEALED: Secrets of Hard-Hitters in Network Marketing   Tonight’s team training consisted of three parts: First, we reviewed the results of the recent Cell Phone Radiation Awareness Survey done by Tami, Gretchen and myself noting that on average people are more aware of radiation dangers than I first thought. Approximately 30-60% of the respondents said […]

Looking for a Few Great Recruits to Join our Unique Lifewave Team

Want to be part of an exciting team?   I’m reaching out to our readers to ask you a question. As you know, our team markets the LifeWave patches. Plus now our newest technology Matrix, that blocks cell phone radiation. Our team is currently expanding nationally and internationally and we are looking for  key person/persons […]