Supporting mental clarity, higher consciousness and meditation with LifeWave Patches.

During this LifeWave broadcast, Dr. Karen and Dr. Dennis discuss how to use the LifeWave patches on unique acupuncture points to reinforce the energy of meditation, relaxed states of consciousness, increase bio-coherence, support mental clarity and spatial clairvoyance, and enhance health.

Dr. Dennis Lobstein is a metaphysical doctor.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE. For acupuncture points listed below, please refer to for locations.

Being able to resonate in BEING or Stillness is incredibly important not only for health but also for the ability to seed your creation – your future reality.

This involves torsion field physics, as there are torsion fields around chakras same as acupuncture points and DNA tesseracts. Topics of focus include Nirvana, Alavida, and Energy Enhancer patches placed in ways that calm spirit or shen. We discussed how the pattern of energy fields in and around the body's sacred geometry appear to be affected by the LifeWave patches.

We see lower blood pressure, lower resting heartrate, more relaxation with the LifeWave patches, like what happens when we meditation.

Hans Selye was an Nobel nominee as an expert in stress.  He developed G.A.S. – general adaptation system.

Hans Selye General Adaptation System of Stress Google Images

Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you continue tension, you'll get exhausted (Yang).  If you stay relaxed then there are no challenges to your state of homeostasis (Yin).  There is no transition to the Yang.  If no Yang, then no energy and movement to be anchored by the Yin and to balance the effects.  Without a challenge, there is no improvement.  It would be like exercising the same way all the time – the body gets used to it, and doesn't improve or get stronger. If you don't challenge your heart muscle to beat more, it lies there like a blob, and when there is a sudden challenge, it can't handle it.  You're at less risk of a heart attack if you regularly challenge your heart.  If you overdose on exercise, on the other hand, you can give yourself adrenal burnout, which is too much Yang which leads to Kidney Qi deficiency.

Over-worrying stress also causes Qi depletion.  You get Spleen Qi deficiency with worry.  If you get really angry and frustrated, you can get Liver Qi stagnation – wood attacks earth – so that liver energy attacks the spleen energy.  Liver stagnation causes liver yang rising and thus high blood pressure and migraine headaches.  Energy of the spleen keeps blood in the vessels and when it is weak, we get reckless blood and it jumps out of the vessels.  If that happens to the blood vessels of the brain you can get a stroke and if it happens to vessels in the heart, you can have a heart attack.  Spleen qi being weak also causes prolapse of any kind of organs.

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Energy Enhancer patches on Liver 3 helps to release stagnant Liver Qi.  Anxiety can be a relative too much yang, not enough yin and that causes heart racing.  Another way of saying it: with Yin deficiency in the heart, you get heat and that causes heart racing.  Fire/Heart is the mother of Earth/Spleen.  If you are anxious and worried, you're going to drain more energy out of the Fire/Heart element.

Pericardium 6 is a great point for counteracting this.  It harmonizes the earth and clears the heart and regulates heart qi.  Energy Enhancer patches on both sides will help to lower anxiety.  You can add Y-Age Aeon patches making a triangle like CV14 the front Mu point for the heart or anywhere along the center of the chest.  If you're working on spiritual issues you can put it on GV11 near thoracic level 5.

You can use IceWave patches with white on the CV17 in the center of the chest and tan on left spleen 21 helps to strengthen the heart field and heart muscles.  You'll increase the coherence of the heart muscle it supports healthy heart function.

If we're under stress all the time, we're are going to have excess cortisol which then suppresses the immune system. White blood cells responds by reducing their activity with cortisol.  So stress decreases immunity.  When we relax we increase our protective Qi field and increases our immunity.  We also get our DNA tesseracts line up and become coherent.  We can accomplish this through meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and as an adaptation to exercise.

Dr. Dennis did some research with his students' mood states.  He had them lie on the floor of the classroom and monitor their blood pressure while relaxing.  Then had then alternate tensing and relaxing similar to Qigong.  They actually got lower heart rate and lower blood pressure than just by lying there relaxing! It was also reflected in less anxiety.

When he talks about meditating or relaxing, from his own research, he feels you have to alternate it…like Yin/Yang.  You have dynamic harmony to make the whole.

LifeWave Protocols for Increasing Biocoherence and Meditative States.

  • Kidney 7 (returning current point).  Energy enhancer on Kidney 7, tan on left, white on right.  The internal tradition is fostering your internal Qi through meditation.  Kidney 7 helps spirit become calm. It is a Jing River point which provides a contrast between Yin and Yang and a change.   It is also the “metal” point in the Kidney channel.  Metal is the “mother” of the Water in five elements philosophy.   Alternative combo: (five element rotation) you can use Kidney 7 on the left and Bladder 58 on the right.  You can create a triangle by using GV 4 Life Gate point at the level of Lumbar vertebra 2.  That is great for energy recharge of your kidney batteries and support adrenal exhaustion.  You can use X39 or Y-Age patch on this point.
    • Alternate triangle: SP6 on the left kidney 7 and Aeon on right kidney 7 and Alavida on GV 4.  Y-Age patch on CV6 to tonify Qi adding to bilateral 
  • Governing Vessel GV24 (ghost point) 1/2 cun into the hairline on the midline of the body just above the forehead.  The three sisters are GB13 on either side 3 cun.  Extreme combination for relaxation during meditation.  Dr. Dennis recommends EE on Pericardium 6 for relaxation (see above), but if that doesn't work you can try the three sisters protocol instead or in addition.  GV24 use Alavida, Nirvana, any Y-Age, X39, or Silent Nights and then Energy Enhancer white on right, tan on left. Putting X39 on the middle of the right heel helps you sleep by the way. 
  • Advanced Meditators – Pyramid Head Protocol – Choose from: Alavida/Silent Nights/Nirvana/X39/Aeon Use all the same ones.  just choose one type.  You can keep them on as long as you want.  It might be helpful to have a helper to pull you out of the meditative state if you need it.  GV20 top of the head, GV24.5 (third eye), GB 9 on both sides of the temple, and GV 16 base of the skull.  Build kidney and spleen battery other ways to get your thoughts out of worry.  This protocol will open up the mid-brain to a positive portal to higher dimensions.  You can invite bad things to leave and good things to come in.  This reaches higher meditative states.  Your intention drives the action of what comes in and out of the portals.   Build up to being able to open up the main portal by clearing your worry and anxiety first with the other protocols above.

Questions from audience:

  1. Is it possible to regrow mandibles?  Stomach points like ST 7, 6, 5, 4 may be supportive.  Aeon on the right and SP6 on the left of one of these points on each side.  You can also rotate carnosine patches including the center of the jaw if that's the only one you have CV24.  Consider X39 instead of Aeon patch.
  2. What patches may support eyes and lens issues?  Putting carnosine on the third eye one night and then another night on one of the temples.

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