LifeWave Radio: Q&A with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan

In this segment of Light Warrior Radio, the first Monday of the month dedicated to the Ask the Doctors LifeWave Radio segment, we review questions about irritable bladder, how to use patches instead of sunscreen for optimizing skin in the sun, and patching combinations for pets and lots more. For acupuncture point locations, please visit […]

[LW Radio] LifeWave Patching Protocol Q&A w/Dr. Dennis Continues!

If you remember from last month’s LifeWave Radio Episode, we covered patching protocols for the recent energetic changes that have been occurring with ascension. I felt like there was still some left on the table and wanted for this month to be the same format. Therefore, if there are any questions that were still left […]

Testimonial “X39™ is amazing technology!”

We have heard some marvelous testimonials in correlation with rapid pain relief pertaining to joint pain and post-surgery recovery but as we continue to receive stories from users around the world, we are beginning to see other marvelous ways in which X39™ can be applied and used. Below are 2 testimonials from Dr. Quila Rider […]

Lifewave X39™ – the ideal patch for mental and physical fitness, even in old age.

Lifewave has a tremendous reach as we all know. We are thrilled to offer these revolutionary products to people all over the world and to hear of the positive impact our products have made in their daily lives. As we continue to grow and build together, we hope to offer LifeWave from every corner of the world, […]