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In today's Ask the Doctors segment of Light Warrior Radio, Drs. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan answered questions about how best to use the LifeWave phototherapy patches to support various different symptoms. Listen to the replay below. For acupuncture points listed, please go to for locations and uses.





The Torus field is like a twisted donut.  We all have a torus field around us and when it is balanced, we call that Coherence. This is not just some static donut. It twists and turns! Think about the mountains in the Sedona.  The mountains and trees are twisted from the powerful energetic fields there.  There is a torsion field around each of our energy centers called chakra.  The heart has its own. Inside of the heart goes counter clockwise and outside goes clockwise. 

The center of these torsion fields, stillness, no movement, exists. If these energy fields are coherent: we are clear, have high self-esteem, are optimistic, joyful, healthy and we know our souls mission. The patches help us get to the basics of resolving the incoherence and getting rid of blockages and helping us become more clear and coherent in our Jing, in our Qi and in our Shen, at all three levels. 

Dr. Dennis is a metaphysician and psycho-biologist. He studied how brain chemistry works, but back when he was in school, other scientists studied how chemicals in gut and brain are similar.  You can influence the brain by how the gut works.  If we influence acupuncture points that relate to gut we can influence brain. 

The energy of the kidney regulates marrow which includes the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord.  The kidney meridian is a great way to access the brain.  The kidney and heart create dynamic heart.  Kidney is water and heart is the fire element.  When there is a water-fire disharmony there is a mental imbalance.  We want to balance fire and water to rebalance problems with the nervous system including mental imbalances.  

We can put one patch on the top of the head and resolve low mood/fatigue symptoms.  Governing Vessel 20.  Sort of like the “happy point”.  And Y-Age Aeon patch on top of the head can increase coherence of the brain.

Kidney 1 is bubbling spring at the bottom of the foot.  We are also walking on “water” because kidney is the water element. If Yin is too low, then activate kidney 1, then you can increase happiness and joy!  You can even slap this point!  You can use IceWave or Energy Enhancer patches on both feet.  

Anxiety symptoms:  The simplest protocol is using Energy Enhancer on pericardium 6 point inside the wrist.  The pericardium is heart protector and will calm anxiety symptoms down. If someone is really anxious with heart pounding, using Energy Enhancer on pericardium 6.  Dr. Quila Rider from our last show mentioned using Silent Nights patch behind the right ear triple burner 17 or right pericardium 6.  The triple burner channel is water channels and is also a heart protector (regulates hormones); it is also next to the back of ear and there are a lot of acupuncture points on the back of the ear lobe. By the term “endocrine” we include brain-gut peptides.  

If someone is reversed polarity, they will sometimes  revert back to normal after patching, but you have to patch according to their polarity first (white on LEFT instead of RIGHT etc.) and often they will autocorrect, after which you'll have to reverse the polarity of the patches (White back on Right etc.)

Marilyn – questions about back pain.  

She receives acupuncturist every week. Ten days ago: Her sympathetic nervous system was low.  She hasn’t had pain her whole life but recently got pain after a healing session.  It is in her lower back radiating to the hip.  She’s been using X39 and energy enhancers on kidney and stomach meridian.  The pain is brand new.  Two practitioners felt it was some sort of alien attack.  She’s done prayer to try to clear it out.  She doesn’t have Icewave on hand.  She is better but no one can find what is wrong.   

We talked about how it is possible for entity related issues to crop up that nothing works for, but to make sure there is adequate hydration, minerals etc.  Dr. Karen said that sometimes the Universe needs you to know what is the reason before it will “clear”.  Using intention, you can amplify the positive effects.  She has X39, Energy Enhancer and Carnosine patches.  What should she use? 

Dr. Dennis' Support Mountain Protocol: Use Energy Enhancer patches on Bladder 57 white on right, tan on left.  They work slower than Icewave but will still work to clear blockages.  That is the base of your triangle.  Then add X39 on GV 4 Life Gate then add Carnosine patch:

  • on GV14 base of the neck below C7 on the neck
  • or stack Carnosine on top of the X39,
  • or on GV 2 on the sacrum.  


Lynn, Multiple system problems since 1996 

She’s seeing an acupuncturist and she has a lot of symptoms including chronic tiredness, digestion issues, sleep problems for many years, chronic constipation; anxiety and depression symptoms are the worst. Has seen a function medicine gynecologist.  

Dr. Dennis says: Asian medicine helps the root and the branch.  The acupuncturist may deal with the branch first to help your symptoms but long term you’ll need to rebalance the root of the tree that is “sick”.   

Protocols for helping with the symptoms:

Using kidney storehouse Kidney 27 with Energy Enhancer patches, white on right tan on left, and the CV8 umbilicus put X39 in a triangle that will reinforce your Zang Qi that will help with your central energy. Energetically and spiritually, the CV8 is still connected with Spirit. even though the umbilical cord is no longer there after birth. Then you have to rebuild the battery.  Also consider the Y-Age Aeon patch on top of the head on GV20.  

Nan  Starseeds “frying” their bodily circuits 

She is thin-skinned and gets hemorrhages subcutaneously.  She watches the sunrise every day as per Dr. Jack Kruse.  She wants patches to address the spiritual aspects of why this Starseed is frying herself.  Dawn Clark went into the astral plane and her field was super charged with electricity.  She cleared it and felt so much better.  Is there any patching protocol that can help?  She is taking K2 and K7 supplement.  

The Alavida patch is good with skin and the energy of the lung qi.  Consider putting Alavida on the lung points.  Lung 8 is a great place to start (right) to clear energetic toxins out of the lung meridian.  Make sure you’re getting enough collagen in the diet.  She was doing bone broth in the past and we encouraged her to do it again. 

She has Carnosine, glutathione and X39.  Put the X39 on the right Lung 8 and Carnosine on the left Lung 8 during the day.  

Energy Healers often get depleted by using their own energy of the  Dan Tien instead of channeling the energy of the Dao .  

Ana – Protocols to help to build blood 

Eating red meat and Bladder 17 is the influential point for blood using X39 on the right and the SP6C on the left.  If you wanted to create a triangle with this protocol, you can use GV4 or GV14 on the front of the body CV 6 on the Dan Tien area.  

Supporting shoulder health – depends on the underlying reasons for the imbalance or symptom.  Small intestine 11 is great for the shoulder.  Yellow Court Gate is great for emotional issues then you'd use Bladder 43.   Use Energy Enhancer on both sides, white on right tan on left for SI 11 or BL43, which ever one works best.

Jen – Can you use X39 on the left side for sprained wrist? 

YES you can put the X39 on any part of the body.  Dr. Dennis suggests a negative polarity patch near it to bracket it  You can use Tan energy enhancer bracketing the area or the Carnosine. And put the white Energy Enhancer on the right side, same point to balance the move energy through those meridians.

Holli – Digestive issues with her clients 

She’s mainly using the large intestine points on the hands.  Are there other options?  Other points such as ST 25 which is on either side of the belly button, and Bladder 25 which is the back SHU point of the large intestine can be helpful.  Below Stomach 36 on the lateral side of the tibia.  Wherever it is sore, patch that with Energy enhancer patches for bilateral points above.   

Holli has arthritis symptoms and using Energy Enhancers on liver 3.  She uses X39 regularly and it is helping with inflammation.  She wants something to dissolve calcification.  Is there anything that can help?  Make sure you’re getting enough magnesium through topical oil and Epsom salts.  She takes a lot of Curcumin with collagen orally. The limited movement is more from the calcification rather than inflammation.  


Dr. Dennis suggested Gallbladder 34 master point for the sinews – connective tissues and Bladder 11 influential point for the bones.  So use X39 on the right and Carnosine or SP6C n the left. Also a put a drop of the turmeric oil under the patch for enhanced vibrational intention.



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