Ask The Doctors Radio: Patching for Prostate Health Care and Support


Prostates in men, especially elder men, need more testosterone and less estrogen, and that is because androgens such as testosterone keep the prostate functioning normally while estrogens cause prostate enlargement.

To accomplish support of prostate health, use Aeon, Silent Nights, and SP6C patches to reconfigure hormone patterns, and Glutathione (GSH) patches to reduce inflammation and pain. The X39 patch also increases GSH, reducing inflammation and pain. Aeon increases DHEA, the mother hormone to the sex hormones.

Silent Nights increases melatonin, known to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen that occurs in middle-aged and elderly men, and the SP6C patch acts on the satisfaction/ reward system to curb craving, theoretically thru the endorphins, which regulate hypothalamic and pituitary hormone release.

The Alavida patch regulates epithalamin release from the pineal, which in turn influences the Limbic System and balances endocrine hormones via Limbic regulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary.

In order to support the prostate, the objective in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to tonify the Kidney qi, since Kidney qi becomes deficient as we age, and the K Sidney qi regulates Marrow or nervous system including the endocrine hormones.

Good acupuncture points for this are K 3, K 6, B 23, GB 25, CV 4, and GV 4. Swelling of the prostate is viewed as an accumulation of Damp due to weak Sp qi in Asian medicine. Good acupuncture points to drain Damp and tonify Sp are Sp 6, Sp 9, and St 40.

During this Ask The Doctors Radio Show, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Karen discuss how to patch particular acupuncture points of interest to tonify Kidney and drain Damp conditions, including examples such as those acupuncture points and patches described above for prostate support.

Germ theory versus terrain theory (Pasteur versus Beauchamp). We are focused on the terrain when talking about how to use phototherapy and acupuncture points to support prostate (in men) and skene glands (in women). The skene glands can also be measured for PSA (prostate-specific antigen). They both secrete fluid. Tonifying the kidney and spleen qi can support the prostate in men and skene glands in women.

The prostate secretions are known as semen. It is secreted during orgasm. In skene glands, the fluid is secreted also during organism and sexual arousal. It is an important lubricant during sexual arousal.

Western Perspective

About 60% of men age 40-60 have swollen prostates. It is a walnut-sized ball of connective tissue, smooth muscle, and gland. When it swells, it obstructs the flow of urine from the bladder (pinching the urethra). It relates to the urinary frequency symptoms. This can cause urinary hesitancy, pushing required to start the urinary stream, dribbling after finishing urination, and inadequate bladder emptying.

In the Western approach, we're talking about inflammation, cancer, and possible infection. Not all swelling is related to cancer. The encapsulation of the prostate is disrupted with needle biopsies. It may be possible that malignancies may be spread by this invasive procedure. Normal testosterone levels drop as men get older. Pregnenolone goes to DHEA that makes testosterone. Testosterone breaks down into estrogens with the aromatase enzyme. The latter can be inhibited by melatonin. LifeWave has a patch that increases melatonin.

5-alpha reductase enzyme turns testosterone into DHT, dihydrotestosterone, which is increased as men age. Saw Palmetto blocks this enzyme to keep DHT from getting to high. DHT causes prostate cells to multiple and swell

Lifestyle choices, such as grains, nuts and seeds as opposed to alcohol, sugar and caffeine. The latter can drain the body of nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and potentially damage the prostate. The selenium, magnesium and zinc, and flavonoids from the former help to support the health of the prostate. Flavonoids from bee pollen and zinc (from pumpkin seeds). Selenium from garlic and brazil nuts.

The prostate in western medicine is treated with drugs, chemo, radiation and surgery. The medication, finasteride, make DHT lower and testosterone higher. These have side effects which can include depression, sexual dysfunction and breast enlargement. Blurry vision, light-headedness, nausea and insomnia are some other potential side effects.

Prostates can swell with toxins (accumulated) including Bisphenol A, found in plastics. You can look up the recycle code on the bottom of the water bottles to reduce BPA. Soda and other cans can also be lined with BPA. These should be avoided.

Pomegranates may be helpful to lower prostate swelling. Reishi and Shitake mushroom, chrysanthemum (releases heat), Elderberry, ginseng (increases testosterone and decreases mass), and bee pollen, Vitamin B 6 (co-factor for enzymes that are transaminases which break down amino acids so others can be synthesized.) Alcoholics and the elderly have lower Vitamin B 6. People with ulcers and malabsorption such as Crohn's can cause vitamin deficiencies.

Using bioidentical hormone replacements versus hormone rejuvenation is quite different in approach. When you use a replacement hormone, whether synthetic or bioidentical, you are replacing the hormone the body makes. The negative feedback loop will tell your body not to make its natural hormone since there is “enough” sensed in the body. Hormone rejuvenation is preferred to taking exogenous hormone from outside of you. Homeopathic remedies have an energetic signature and teach the body how to make its own hormones. These can stimulate their adrenal glands to produce estrogen in women rather than through their ovaries when they age.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Prostate swells due to damp, heat, and fluid stagnation. Damp is an accumulation of fluids. Heat can include toxins accumulation. stagnation involves blockages from kidney yang deficiency. We have fluid circulation problems and weakness of the smooth muscle and kidney Qi there. We can also have lymph stasis so toxins don't come out.

Treatment principles is to tonify Kidney Yang and tonify Spleen Qi.

Prostate-Supporting Acupuncture Points

  • Kidney 3 – tonifies Kidney Qi and Kidney yang.
  • Bladder 23 – tonifies kidney Qi and Kidney Jing (essence made up of both Yin and Yang). At the point of conception we are born with primordial Jing from our parents but we are also requiring Jing as we go through life. We deplete and replenish the latter. It depends on our lifestyle choices. Conserving Jing can be trained when men can train to have orgasm without ejaculating. The microcosmic orbit circulation of Qi conserves the Jing Qi, while exchanging energy with the sexual partner.
  • Gallbladder 25 – Kidney Mu point can regulate the Qi in the channel. You can tonify the spleen and regulate the intestines as well. It treats obstruction of the water pathway. It gets things moving. It treats stagnation of kidney Qi and kidney blood.
  • Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4) – tonifies Kidney Yang which helps to move things including fluid.
  • Governing Vessel 4 (Life Gate GV 4) – recharge the Kidney batteries. It is good for clearing heat, regulating GV meridian, and major point for treating incontinence and impotence. Good for tonifying Kidney Jing and an important point for alchemy. Dealing with spirit essence. Tonifying the willpower of the person – The Gate of Destiny – fusion of the primordial of the Kidney Yin and Yang. That fusion allowed for combustion helps us evolve. It is like an alchemical furnace that helps with our ascension and the integrity of our True Self – Zen Qi. “True Qi”. If working on the energies of ascension, this point is useful. It is like good fuel for the combustion of that energy.
  • Spleen 6 – It can treat obstruction (Shan disorder) and regulating urination.
  • Spleen 9 – It is a HeSe point, water point of the spleen that lowers damp. When we need to decrease damp and water accumulation, this is a great point. It benefits the lower jiao and treats difficult urination and obstructions. This point may assist in shrinking the size of the prostate
  • Stomach 40 – the Luo point, transforms phlegm, which can cause obstruction of orifices. It opens the channels. From both mind and organs. It's not just physical – but energy balance of yin and yang, and the Shen on a spiritual level. Clearing obstructions means clearing jing, qi and Shen. We are working on all levels, just not physical.
  • Governing Vessel 24.5 – Yin Tong. M-HN-3 is the other designation of the point in case you can't find it on an acupuncture chart. Clearing wind heat, claimClearinging Shen and clearing blood stagnation.
  • Conception Vessel 3 – Bladder Mu point for treating Qi and blood stagnation and urinary disorders.
  • Gallbladder 39 – The influential point for marrow. Marrow includes bone marrow, nervous system and endocrine glands, including prostate and skene glands) Hui meeting point of the three lower yang (gallbladder, stomach, and bladder channels) responsible for moving energy in the lower parts of the body. It also treats kidney qi and marrow. It decreases wind damp, and treats atrophy, weakness, tiredness, clearing obstructions. On a Shen level deals with fixed ideas and stubbornness, rigidity, entrenchment. Treats kidney yang deficiency and kidney fire.

Patching Protocols

3 approaches to supporting the prostate in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Phase 1: Clearing for a Month
    1. Clear the Brain – use the Aeon brain balancing protocol for weeks 1 and 3. Alternate using X39 during weeks 2 and 4. You'll want to use both at night for the first two weeks because you may be detoxing and feeling tired.
    2. These are the points to alternate: third eye GV 24.5, behind right ear on Triple Burner 17, top of the head GV 20, thymus CV 19, or back of the neck GV14. See Dr. Karen's Brain Balancing Protocol (home page) for details.
  2. Phase 2: Energy Balance for 1-4 weeks or for as long as you want
    1. Use Energy Enhancer or IceWave during the day using the 5 Elements protocol and take 2 days off. Then add the following either day or night.
      1. DAY 1: GV 4 using a negatively charged patch (SP6C) and CV 4 positively charged patch (Aeon and glutathione stacked on each other – doesn't matter which is on top) pulling the energy from the positive patch to the negative patch, so thus from the Dan Tien to the back.
      2. DAY 2: Bladder 23, SP6C on the left and Aeon/Glutathione on the right.
      3. DAY 3: Spleen 9, SP6C on the left and Stomach 40 with Aeon Glutathione on the right
      4. DAY 4: spleen 6 left with SP6C patch, and right Gallbladder 39 with Aeon/Glutathione stack
      5. DAY 5: SP6C on left bladder 23 and right GB 25 inferior to the free end of the twelfth rib.
    2. Use Silent Nights (right) and Carnosine Patches (relative yin on the left) in the five-element rotation using the same element that you used during the day.
    3. Download this protocol below.
  3. Phase 3: Use Newer Patches for as long as you want
    1. Alavida patch at night on GV24.5 and X39 Stem Cell phototherapy patch (day or night) on CV 3

Questions & Answers

Patti – She has several family members with these symptoms. What questions can they ask their doctors? Her son doesn't like homeopathy so she was interested in the minerals enhanced with frequencies. She has permission from her husband and brother to find out more information. Her husband is a physician assistant, so is versed in nutrition. Both have swollen prostates. Her brother has man boobs and a protuberant belly. Dr. Dennis thinks they could be converting too much testosterone to estrogen.

Strategy – increase melatonin, using Silent Nights patches, to slow down conversion. Dr. Karen suggested putting Silent Nights patches under the pillowcase at night in case her husband doesn't like it on his face or head. If he is more hydrated, they work better. Avoid caffeinated beverages. Take a pinch of Himalayan Crystal salt with dinner. That may improve patching efficacy. I also suggested structured water. Using flasks for structuring water with love (coupon code DRKAREN for 15% off), or Dr. Karen's Microclustering the water include Energetically infused therapies include Vitality for Men created by and (the latter can be ordered without a medical doctor).

Ms. Chan – What do you do if half an hour of X39 in the morning screws up sleep? This is even with using Silent Night regularly. This person seems to be very sensitive to all the patches except Silent Night. Dr. Dennis mentioned that he put X39 using the brain balancing protocol. One other option is sweeping the patch down or up the governing vessel meridian, whichever works. People who have problems sleeping, it is often yin deficiency heat, so sweep down to get the extra heat out of the head. If sensitive to patches, they could be detoxing.

Karen – trigeminal neuralgia pain – mandible articulates with the skull, Stomach 7 Aeon, glutathione or X39, and double tan patches on stomach 44 to pull heat out of the head. You can try Stomach 7 on the right or left or both.

Nallely – cold feet protocol? Could be blood flow. Bladder 17 is the influential point for the blood. Use Liver 3 (left) and Gallbladder 41 (right) to deal with the liver energy. Then put Y-Age or X39 on Bladder 17 (right) and Carnosine or Sp6C on the left.

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