Ask The Doctors Radio: Patching for Bladder Pain, Frequent Urination, and Prostate Health


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Phototherapy patches can be used to mitigate symptoms of bladder pain, irritability, and frequent urination when placed on certain acupuncture points. We will finish the patching protocols for the Bladder and include information about patching for prostate care.

Prostate Health

Prostates in elder men need more testosterone and less estrogen. To accomplish this, use Aeon, Silent Nights, and SP6C patches to reconfigure hormone patterns, and Glutathione (GSH) patches to reduce inflammation and pain. The X39 patch also increases GSH, reducing inflammation and pain. Aeon increases DHEA, the mother hormone to the sex hormones. Silent Nights increase melatonin, known to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen that occurs in middle-aged and elderly men, and the SP6C patch acts on the satisfaction/ reward system to curb craving, theoretically thru the endorphins, which regulate hypothalamic and pituitary hormone release. The Alavida patch regulates epithalamin release from the pineal, which in turn influences the Limbic System and balances endocrine hormones via Limbic regulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary.

In order to support the prostate, the objective in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to tonify the K qi, since K qi becomes deficient as we age. Good acupuncture points for this are K 3, B 23, GB 25, CV 4, and GV 4. Swelling of the prostate is viewed as an accumulation of Damp due to weak Sp qi in Asian medicine. Good acupuncture points to drain Damp and tonify Sp is Sp 6, Sp 9, and St 40.

In this Ask The Doctors Radio Show Monday, Dr. Dennis and I will be finishing our discussion patching for Bladder support, and we will be discussing how to patch particular acupuncture points of interest to tonify Kidney and drain Damp conditions, including examples such as those acupuncture points and patches described above for prostate support.

Pain and Urgency and Possible Blood in the Urine

  • Lung 7 – see above
  • Liver 13 – meeting point of the Yin channels and the front Mu point of the spleen. it is a powerful spirit point and it gives hope and vision to people who are recycling old tapes – ruminating in the past and difficulty rebirthing. It is used white discharges with frequency of urine.
  • Kidney 10 – He Se, water point for the kidney meridian. He Se moves energy and substances through the Yang channels. It replenishes water (dehydrated), decreases damp heat in the lower jiao, tonifies kidney, calms, and revitalizes secretions and testosterone.
  • Kidney 8 – see above
  • Spleen 6 – meeting point of spleen, liver and kidney in the lower leg, decreases damp, harmonizes liver, tonifies kidney, regulates urination, lowers pain, benefits bladder, treats Shan disorder, and a good point for treating emotional chaos. It cools blood.
  • Protocol:
    • Alavida on GV 24.5 to rebalance the endocrine system, influencing fluid balance on the body at night.
    • Lung 7 (if hot and painful) and/or Liver 13 (if white discharge) using Energy Enhancer or IceWave patches OR
    • Lung 7 and Kidney 10 if pain and urgency is primary instead of Liver 13. Use Glutathione patch on right, Carnosine/x39 stem cell enhancing patch on the left
      • Add in Kidney 8 (pain and swelling, lazy bladder) or Spleen 6 (if there is excessive pain). Use Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left.

Urination Frequency

  • Lung 5 – He Se point, water point of the lung channel. We would sedate it to clear heat, to lower pain and clear water passages, expel damp and to treat a weak bladder.
  • Conception Vessel 3 – Front mu point of the bladder. That's where the energy is concentrated and the meeting point of the conception vessels spleen, liver, and the kidney. Lowers damp heat, tonifies kidney releases stagnation in the Lower Jiao and helpful for all urine disorders. It is located 1 cun above the pubic bone.
  • Conception Vessel 4 – Front mu point for the small intestine. It is the meeting point for CV, spleen, liver, kidney etc. It tonifies kidney and regulates the lower jiao and assists with conception and fertility. It is a super point for tonifying yang qi. If there is a yang collapse it helps to restore it. It gets things moving when it is stagnant.
  • Kidney 6 – It is a master point of the Yin Chao Mai – the movement channel. It is often used to treat incontinence and drip-urination. good combos including Kidney 8 and Stomach 36 points. Kidney 8 is the Xi Cleft point of the Yin Chao Mai, where Qi and blood converge in acute conditions. (acute pain, swelling etc.) It is good with treating acute swelling and pain in the genital area and known to regulate the Chong Ma vessel. It is a smaller channel deeper that goes from the Uterus and deep in the pelvis.
  • Kidney 8 is to lower damp-heat and to harmonize all the officials (heart, spleen, lung, kidney, liver). It is used to treat ‘lazy' bladder for urinary retention.
  • Protocol 1:
    • Alavida Patch on GV24.5 (direct stimulation of the pineal gland which affects the limbic brain, pituitary balance of endocrine hormones)
    • Energy Enhancer or IceWave on Lung 5, white on right, tan on left
    • Conception Vessel 3 (stagnation of Qi or blood) or 4 (if trying to restore yang deficiency – weakness, low energy, etc.) using Glutathione, Carnosine, or X39. How to choose? Base your choice on what the benefits are for each patch as per LifeWave brochure.
    • Kidney 6 – left side, use SP6C and right side, use Y-Age Aeon patch.

Frequent and Copious Urination

You're losing Yin/water when this happens.

  • Lung 7 – indicated for hot and painful/bloody urine. It is the connection point with the colon, so it draws energy from the colon into the lung and it is the confluent point of the conception vessel and the command point for the face and the neck. It also helps emotional stagnation or incomplete expression of grief. The lungs receive. they have to be clear and let go energetically and spiritually, in order for the large intestine to “let go” as well. It is also involved with changes in gonadotropins – affecting sex hormones. Kidney 6 is often used with Lung 7 will help motility (get the urine to move out).
  • Bladder 23Back Shu point for the Kidneys. You can tonify Kidney and Jing. The Shu exists for all the officials and organs. You can tonify the yin energy of each official. The Jing is the essence that is made up of both yin and yang. when we are born, we have a charge of Jing energy from our parents, from the Universe, the spark of life that gets infused into the embryo. This is called original Jing. We can also generate Jing through food, focused breathing qigong but it never replaces original Jing. If someone is “low on jing” we are talking about their physical essence being low – like wasting away. It regulates water passages, benefits urination (frequency and dripping)
  • Bladder 26 – Source Shu point for all the other gates/shu. It is the source for all the shu points on the back. It is located at the lumbar 5 level on either side. It regulates lower Jiao, tonifies deficiency, urination frequency, wasting and thirsting disorders (diabetes)
  • Kidney 3is Shu Stream point, meaning that you can use these types of points for obstructions (Bi), wind, damp, heaviness and joint pain. Emotionally it helps to wash away fear and stagnation. If the water stream isn't flowing very well, it helps a lot, especially with psychological disturbances. It is one of the points used in the LifeWave 5 Element Rotation protocol.
  • Liver 1 is a Jing Luo point of wood and releases heat in the liver channel and Shan disorders where there are retention and difficulty urinating. It restores self-esteem. You can let go.
  • Protocol 1
    • Alavida on Governing Vessel 24.5
    • Energy Enhancer or IceWave Lung 7 (especially if there is pain, hot or copious)
    • Glutathione on the right, and Carnosine or X39 on the left Bladder 23 (to increase Jing essence) or Bladder 26 (if there is just deficiency/weakness)
    • SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right Kidney 3 (Bi = obstruction caused by damp/heaviness accompanies by joint pain) or Liver 1 on tip of the toe (if there is heat). You can wrap the patch around the toe.
  • Protocol 2 (more used for diabetic people who pee a lot)
    • Energy Enhancer or IceWave on Stomach 26
    • glutathione on the right, Carnosine on the left (you can use X39 on either one of those as well) Kidney 8 (swelling, pain of genitals, regulating CV and Chong vessels and lowering damp heat in the lower jiao, lazy bladder and urinary retention)
    • SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right on Kidney 6

Nocturnal Enuresis Symptoms Peeing a lot of Night

If people are peeing at night while asleep, use this one. If you are patching kids, Dr. Dennis feels Kidney 6 is most appropriate for the fear component in the protocol below.

Stomach 28 Shui Dao – “water passage” or pathway. Main point for opening the water passage. Regulates lower Jiao, decreases stagnation, used to release retention of urine and it is used to treat stuck emotions as well as stuck urine and not being able to let go. It is associated with deficiency of water. It is located two cuns on either side of conception vessel 4

Stomach 29 – heavy duty point for nocturnal enuresis. Warms lower Jiao. Weakness of Qi. Treats anorexia, infertility, and nourishes the Jing. It treats “lack”. That is 2 cuns bilateral to Conception vessel 3.

Bladder 40 – (in five elements Bladder 54) in some traditions. It is the He Se, earth point of the bladder. It is command point for the lower back. so great for low back pain. It decreases damp, obstructions (Bi), cools blood, and it treats uncontrolled water (urine out of control). It balances fluids. This point is located behind the knee in the popliteal space.

  • Protocol
    • Alavida on GV24.5
    • Energy Enhancer or IceWave on either Stomach 28 (just deficiency) or Stomach 29 (weakness, stagnation symptoms)
    • Glutathione on the right and Carnosine on the left (you can use X39 instead if you want on either side or both) on Bladder 40
    • SP6C on the left and Aeon on the right Kidney 8 (if more pain involved) or Kidney 6 (if there is Sea-Raging – waking up lying in pee, or fear component)

Questions & Answers

Melissa – Low hormone issue post-menopausal, genital dryness, itching is the symptom. She wants to reverse the problem. Start with the Aeon brain balancing protocol ( for the first two weeks or so. Then, use the 5 Elements protocol with Energy Enhancer to improve the yin organs. Then rebalance the hormones by wearing Alavida on the GV24.5 at night and SP6C patch on the left kidney 6 and put Aeon on the right Triple burner 17 behind the right ear on the mastoid bone. Shimian on the bottom of the heel, helps with sleep, so you can put Alavida here if the GV24.5 is too stimulating.

Advanced LifeWave Patch Protocols for Optimal Sleep Replay ...

Anonymous – would like to know how to support low platelet count? Bladder 17 is the influential point for blood. Use Energy Enhancer, IceWave or SP6C/Aeon

Mary – client suffers monthly with heavy menstrual flow and cramping associated with uterine fibroids. LifeWave can't treat fibroids. Xigong is a point 3 cun bilateral to Conception vessel 3 with Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left and it will bracket the uterus with these energies. At night, use Alavida on GV24.5 on the third eye to support the pineal. Disperse stagnation by using using IceWave, Tan on the left on Liver 3 on and white on right Gallbladder 41.

For high cortisol, Kidney 6 is a great point to use by putting the white EE on the left and tan on the right Bladder 62.

Daughter concerned on how to get off the birth control for hormonal symptoms that she's been on for 15 years. She wants to balance hormones. Aeon on right Triple Burner 17 and SP6C on left Kidney 6. Embellish it,: (optional) you can put Alavida on the third eye.

Ana – hit the back of the head and acupuncture needled bladder and gallbladder points. She has copious urination and tired more frequently. Dr. Dennis suggests brain balancing protocol using X39 instead of Aeon. Try different points. Or you can stack Aeon and X39 on each of these points.

Client has burning in the bladder 4-5 hours after eating. Is this die-off of pneumonia? or eating too much oxalate? Maybe look at what she is eating first, then go to the protocol above for pain and urgency above. For deficiency signs, use kidney 7 to tonify her constitution.

Renee – ringing in the ear on the left side, high pitched. She tried X39 on the stomach point on the front of the ear SI19, Carnosine, and tip of the ear GB8. IceWave Energy Enhancer on RIGHT SI19 and TAN on left GB8. Tonifying GV4 with X39. Disperse stagnant liver Qi with Energy Enhancer Liver 3.

Working with someone who is post-flu/covid and didn't have extreme case but is left with fatigue, achy body, and flu-like symptoms.

For active symptoms of cold and flu, put Energy Enhancer patches on Gallbladder 20 to disperse wind and another set of Energy Enhancers on triple burner 5. If the flu is “heat”, then you'd use Energy Enhancer patches on Large intestine 11 with the Tan instead.

She had a negative covid test. She doesn't have active symptoms. Use Energy Enhancer patches on Stomach 36, and X39 on Governing Vessel 4 Life Gate on the back to tonify the kidneys.

Elaine – Is there a visual chart she can print? We suggested

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