Advanced Protocol for Back Pain

Lobstein's Triple Triangle Protocol for Back Pain


This is Dr. Lobstein's Triple Triangle protocol for anyone with pain in the neck, spine, sacrum or hips. He's used it successfully for even stubborn cases of chronic pain. IceWave on BL 57 (or Kidney 1 if they have lower leg pain too), Aeon Patch on GV 20 (top of head), Glutathione patch on GV 14 (knob of neck) and Carnosine patch on GV 4 (approximately lumbar vertebra #2)

Tips for Success:

  • Remember Hydration! Y-Age patches can detoxify someone quickly so keep that in mind when you use this protocol
  • I suggest that if the Basic Clock pain relief protocol doesn't work, you can try patching someone with this one. It might be too complex for someone new and I recommend that distributors patch the customer successfully first, before letting a new customer take home patches to try on themselves.
  • Remember, all the white patches look alike, so what I like to do is write on the adhesive backing so I can tell which is which after I take them out of the packaging.

Thank you Dr. Dennis for this awesome protocol!

Dr. Karen


The Lobstein Triangles Were Created by Dennis Lobstein, MTCM, PhD
Doctor of Health and Exercise Science and Master of Asian Medicine
Director of The Acupatch Health Education Clinic and  
The Energy Matrix Search Institute (EMSI)


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