Acupuncture Points to Release Fear and Nervousness

Listen to the replay of this radio show with Dr. Karen Kan and monthly guest Dr. Dennis Lobstein, a specialist in Chinese Medicine as they discuss the benefits of activating specific acupuncture points to help support the symptoms of fear and nervousness.

Fear can shut down the country i.e. lock downs. For fear of the virus, whole countries shut down. In addition to fear and panic, the American economy was shut down. Inaccurate death reports may have fanned the flames of fear.

People were enraged from being locked down for so long, then the racial tension exploded after the George Floyd police brutality situation. Fear and other low frequency emotions generate energy that “feeds” the dark side. The LifeWave patches can support our biocoherence which can support our abilities to be impervious to outside negative inluences.

Kong” is fear in Chinese. The other issues is Zhi, or “will”. The Kong helps us to be vigilant but can be overbearing, taking over our lives. A little bit of fear, isn’t a bad thing. It can protect us. When Kong overtakes the Zhi, then it’s not good.

There are five spirits: Heart/Fire spirit has Shen. The Kidney/Water has the spirit of Zhi (the ability to stay with an idea and allow the body to created. Helps us keep a grip on things – tenacity). It gathers and holds intention and ability to face a crisis.

We also have the Spleen/Earth has the spirit of Yi– intention, thinking or thought. Lung/Metal has the spirit of Po the corporeal soul which gives us tenacity to keep the grip that the Zhi is giving us and gives us clear boundaries. Po deficiency has unclear boundaries and are co-dependent and enmeshed.

The Liver/Wood has spirit of Hun, the etheric soul. It helps us overcome barriers and fearlessness and helps the Heart with overcoming shock and fear.

Western Perspective

The Amygdala process fear and the hippocampus emotion associated with memory.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DMS) of psychiatry has GAD, generalized anxiety disorder, which is being wound up and tense, low concentration, low focus, sleep disturbance, anticipatory doom, struggle control, difficulty coping with stress and relaxing.

OCD, obsessive compulsive disorders, as well as GAD, are treated with SSRI’s drugs which increases serotonin in the synaptic cleft between nerves.

Other medications, sedative hypnotics, such as Valium are also used symptomatically, but they have a history of addiction.

Psychotherapy is also symptom management using mindfulness, stress managing and CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy. It can be useful in PTSD and MST (military sexual trauma)

Self-care – proper nutrition including Omega 3, herbs, camomile tea, Qi-gong and meditation.

3 Common Fear Responses:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight
  3. Freeze

Freeze stops momentum. Willpower unfreezes the movement. Within the kidney energy, we have Kong and Zhi balance each others’ effects. Being stuck and thinking you can’t move versus having the willpower to work through it has to do with this balance.

Author Leon Hammer – Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies book: Chronic conflict between the fear we’re seeing that is reported to us in the news and our expression of will to assert ourselves based on our own heart and intuition. Earth can come in to control the fear.

If you look at the five elements cycle, Earth is the grandmother of water (kidneys where fear is held). You can regulate the Fear with the Yi component of the earth. Facts can help with fear.

For example, even the N95 masks have holes in them 4 microns in diameter. The Coronavirus is 1 micron in diameter. Masks are used in medicine to protect the patient from the surgeon. By wearing a mask, you keep re-breathing your own air which increase CO2 which will increase lactic acid which may help pathogens thrive. Knowing the facts, helps your Yi, thinking, to wear a mask or not. The Yi of the earth can regulate the Kong/fear going on in the Water/Kidney.

Serenity is not being disturbed by emotion according to author Claude Larre.

The metal element contains the lung. Anxiety versus serenity are bi-polar opposites constructs in the metal element. Fear/Kong versus Courage/Boldness in the kidney element.

Fear causes Qi to precipitate and that can cause us to lower our frequency and eventually kidney damage and adrenal fatigue. Urinary incontinence can occur. Sudden Turmoil Disorder due to emotional imbalance, you can vomiting, peeing and pooping without control (extreme example).

Asian Medicine Fear Syndromes

Kidney Essence Fear

According to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic about fear:

Fear depletes the Essence (kidney jing), blocks the upper Jiao which makes Qi descend the lower Jiao (incontinence and diarrhea)

The Heart/kidney (fire/water) becomes imbalanced. So to treat it, we establish the movement of Qi cycling between the Fire and the Water elements. It does so through the Earth. So we re-center Earth to support the other two elements.

Chronic Anxiety Fear

Anxiety is a construct of Metal. Fear is a construct of Water, where we have too much Kong and not enough Zhi (will power). Anxiety results from the anticipation of the fear. You can see from the 5 elements cycle. The Metal is the Mother of Water. Metal is the precursor to the Water. This Anxiety is the precursor to Fear.

Giovanni Maciocia – author of The Psyche In Chinese Medicine

In chronic anxiety there is always a disconnection between the Heart and the Kidney.

Liver Energy Fear

Fear can also come from Liver Qi deficiency. Liver blood deficiency results in pallor, dizziness, pallor, night blindness, numbness of extremities. Some of these manifestations of fear.

Startle Response Gallbladder Fear

The Gallbladder Qi deficiency can be fear based as well: dizziness, decreased courage, timidness, startled easily and sighing a lot.

Shock – Da Kong – Great Fear

Shock or Da Kong (great fear) deprives Heart of resonance and the Mind has no shelter and can’t rest, so the Qi become chaotic. The Shen has no place to ground. It tightens the heart pulse and the shock will decrease kidney Jing and mental shock scatters Qi and disrupts the Kidney/Heart energy.

Freeze-Type Fear

The Kidney can’t root the heart (excess Qi) and it recycles back up to Heart. When you lose that microcosmic orbit, you get Shen disturbance manifesting in Fear. It gets stuck.

Acupuncture Points

  • Governing Vessel (GV) 20 Sea of Marrow can reverse fright, palpitations. It can summon the wisdom of the ancestors. The Yang Qi from the Dao comes into the top of the Tai Chi pole. Reversing depression with this acupuncture point.
  • Heart 5 calms Shen and penetrates the deep spiritual core
  • Lung 7 is useful because it decreases phlegm and increases our capacity to receive. Lower worry, grief and sadness and fear. Gets rid of emotional stagnation
  • Kidney 3 help with anxiety. It nourishes Kidney Yin, lowers deficiency heat, tonifies kidney yang and washes away fears.
  • Kidney 4 tonifies the Zhi, the will power. Great for those who can’t motivate themselves. It dispels fear and brings internal quiet and rest (like with meditation). It recharges our batteries and lowers psychological blockage.
  • Heart 7 tonifies the heart and opens gates that Shock slam shut and reawakens the Shen. So this is great to Unfreeze.
  • Bladder 18 nourishes Liver blood and moves stagnant Liver Qi
  • Bladder 17 is the influential point for the blood. It nourishes the blood and tonifies the diaphragm energy. In cases of fear due to liver stagnation.
  • Spleen 6 tonifies spleen and stomach and gets rid of fear and calms the Shen
  • Stomach 36 increases courage and decrease fear. Revitalizing energy. Stabilizing grounding at the source of our being.
  • Conception Vessel 15 (CV15) calms Shen, descends Lung Qi, unbinds the chest and can be used for excessive mad singing. It is the Source point for the Yin of the whole body. Fear can deplete Yin in the whole body. So that’s why this point is helpful for replenishing Yin.
  • Pericardium 6 (PC6) opens up contact with inner self and decreases chaos. Helps our inner being locate the central attractor to the chaos. This is an important point to clear fear.
  • Bladder 63 is the Xi-Cleft point of the Bladder meridian. It tonifies Yin and relaxes the sinews and moves water and decreases the immobility from fear. It unfreezes us and our emotional resources. It is important for unfreezing. It is the first point used when we’re accessing the Yang Wei Mei. The Wei channels are access to the exterior. It gets the Qi unlocked.
  • GV16 helps us move and grow (wind point)
  • Triple burner 5 (TB 5) is the master point for the Yang Wei Mei channel. It helps clear violent fear. This would be helpful to download to the masses.
  • Gallbladder 41 (GB 41) is good for getting rid of rubbish and increasing clarity. Gets Qi to move. And that is great to getting rid of fear and supporting the Zhi
  • Gallbladder 35, the Xi-Cleft of the Yang Wei Mei, the extra channel, which tonifies the Yin. By tonifying Yin, you prevent the yang from being scattered.
  • Gallbladder 40 increases clarity, vision, restores balance and perspective to see what’s going on around you.
  • Gallbladder 34 is used for lowering fear, self-doubt, indecision, being frightened easily and for fear in general. Increases flexibility and decreases rigidity. It helps to thus invoke the Zhi/willpower.

Phototherapy Patching Protocols

Support Kidney Jing

  • balancing the essence that makes both Yin and Yang
  • GV20 Nirvana or Alavida or Aeon or X39 patch
  • Heart 5 LEFT Carnosine, Tan patch or Sp6C patch
  • Lung 7 RIGHT Glutathione to unblock the upper Jiao and release heart energy to flow down and allow kidneys to anchor it, giving it more energy
  • Optional: Ming Men GV4 – use X39 or any of the other patches for GV20 that weren’t used.

Simple Protocol for Anxiety

  • Pericardium 6 – Energy Enhancers, Tan on left and White on Right helps ground and calm you down. Gets rid of palpitation symptoms.

Chronic Anxiety

  • reconnects fire/water harmony
  • GV20 Nirvana or Alavida (or Aeon or X39) patch is preferred
  • Heart 7 on the RIGHT Aeon
  • Kidney 3 LEFT Carnosine and Kidney 4 on the LEFT SP6C

Nourish Liver Blood

  • clear our vision which releases fear. Calms Shen. Tonifying spleen, stomach and kidney with this protocol
  • BL17 RIGHT Aeon patch, (Optional: Tan energy enhancer, Icewave on the left)
  • BL18 (thoracic vertebra 9) RIGHT X39, (Optional: Tan Energy enhancer or IceWave on the left)
  • Stomach 36 RIGHT Glutathione patch
  • Spleen 6 LEFT SP6 or Carnosine patch.

Easily Frightened (Gallbladder) Fear Protocol

  • self doubt, timid and out of touch with their inner self.
  • Pericardium 6 on the RIGHT X39 or Alavida or Nirvana
  • Bladder 19 on the RIGHT Aeon (optional LEFT Sp6C)
  • GB40 RIGHT White IceWave or Energy Enhancer patch and GB34 on the RIGHT Glutathione Patch. (Optional Tan patch on the left GB40)
  • ST 36 on the LEFT use Carnosine Patch

Great Fear – Sudden Shock Protocol

Version 1 – Left-Right Paradigm Patching

  • GV20 – Nirvana or Alavida
  • Heart 7 – Aeon patch on RIGHT and SP6C on LEFT patch
  • CV15 – Carnosine (or Glutathione) patch
  • Kidney 4 – Right WHITE or EE and Left TAN IW or EE.

Version 2 – Sky-Earth Paradigm Patching

  • GV20 – Nirvana or Alavida
  • Heart 7 – Aeon patch on both sides
  • CV15 – Carnosine (or glutathione) patch
  • Kidney 4 – SP6C on both sides

Unstick-Unfreeze Mobilization Protocol

  • Yang Wei Mei pathology (see above) immobilized by fear
  • You must patch in this order from below upwards:
  • 1st: Bladder 63 – RIGHT – Alavida or X39
  • 2nd GB35 on RIGHT – Glutathione patch
  • 3rd GB 41 on LEFT – SP6C patch
  • 4th TB5 on RIGHT – Aeon patch
  • 5th GV16 on back of the head – Carnosine or Nirvana


Marilyn is working on kidney yang. She used kidney 3 and kidney 27 and belly button area. Is it because she is a water dragon? She doesn’t have enough fire. She doesn’t feel any fear that she’s aware of. She feels about 50% better from using the above regimen.

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