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Free LifeWave Corporate Training can be found here:


LifeWave Training Website

For Corporate training: Log-in to your back office and click RESOURCES

General LifeWave distributor patch training and business training is available FREE of charge to all LifeWave distributors!  If you are a distributor looking for general LifeWave training beyond what is offered above, please contact your upline sponsor or customer service.

Now Available!

Patch Training Team Webinars and Teleconferences!

Get access to exclusive Patch Training Team Resources by signing up for a membership!  For LifeWave distributors not in Dr. Karen Kan’s downline, it is now possible to get access to our Patch Training Team resources including recorded and live advanced patching webinars and classes.

Annual Membership $197 first year, then just $50 annually.
With this level of membership you get exclusive access to:

  • Patch Training Team created order forms, cheat sheets, email scripts, Dear Friend letter, sample LW presentation videos, special advanced patching protocols – all in one place.   For details click HERE
  • Access to recordings of Patch Training team Webinars or Teleconferences on Advanced patching protocols, Optimal health and wellness or advanced MLM training  beyond general business training
  • Invitation to join Patch Training Team Private Facebook group where you can post product questions and get quick answers from patching and business experts
  • Get monthly newsletter alerts to participate in the live LifeWave Ask the Doctors radio show to ask your product and patching questions of Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan.
  • Get Access to the exclusive LifeWave Product Training Course at no extra cost – a $97 value
  • Get Access to the LifeWave Business Boot Camp which is exclusively for Patch Training Team Consultants and Members ONLY (in other words, folks can’t just pay for the class)
  • NEW! Get the New Distributor Training Newsletter with step-by-step training material on how to learn the LifeWave Business.